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Military Spouse Portable Career Planning with Stacy Swearengen

Posted: April 19, 2012 at 9:13 am   /   by   /   comments (1)

Military Spouse Portable Career Planning with Stacy Swearengen

Stacy Swearengen, also known as The Portable Career Planner, who is a Certified Career Management Coach and owner of Military Spouse Portable Career Planning joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Stacy Swearengen discuss the following:

  • Share with us why and how your company, Military Spouse Portable Career Planning, came to be.
  • Your coaching holds passion as the key factor in the development of a successful portable career. Why is passion such an important piece of portable career planning?
  • What is a portable career plan, and how do you and your clients create one?
  • With the recent media coverage of Hiring Our Heroes, it seems companies are beginning to become more aware of the military population as viable job applicants. What has been your experience with companies wanting to hire military spouses?
  • Where do most of your clients come from, or how do you find your potential clients?
  • What tip would you give to military spouses looking to develop a portable career that they are passionate about?

Duration: 14:09

With a business motto that states “Military life may be unpredictable, your career shouldn’t be” Military Spouse Portable Career Planning, LLC is a business based on the belief that military spouses can have fulfilling careers that also happen to be portable. Named a Top Innovative Military Start-up by, Military Spouse Portable Career Planning is quickly becoming the go-to resource for military spouses wanting to become more deliberate in their career progression.

Founder, Stacy Swearengen, started Military Spouse Portable Career Planning to provide fellow spouses with a new outlook on an often-antiquated notion of what a portable career should be.

The wife of an Active Duty soldier, Stacy is a Certified Career Management Coach and holds a graduate certificate in Adult Learning, Training and Development from Regis University. Her credentials also include a Master’s in Adult Education and Human Resource Studies from Colorado State University and membership is numerous professional organizations, such as the National Career Development Association, the Advisory Council on Military Education, and the National Military Family Association.

Stacy’s career guidance and innovative outlook on career topics have been featured on,, Army Wife Talk Radio and Your Military Life. She is the Career and Education Senior Contributing Writing for Army Spouse Magazine and has spoken at nationwide events, including the 2010 Colorado Advisory Council of Military Educators Annual Conference. Stacy’s research on military spouse employment and educational experiences can also be found in the August 2012 special edition of New Directions in Adult and Continuing Education, entitled “Beyond Training: The Rise of Adult Education in the U.S. Military.”


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