Dave Carlson

MegaBigPower, a leading provider of Bitcoin mining equipment

Dave Carlson

Dave Carlson the Founder of MegaBigPower, a leading provider of Bitcoin mining equipment joins Enterprise Radio. An entrepreneur and veteran technology executive, Dave is a distinguished figure among advocates of Bitcoins and the use of this alternative, peer-to-peer currency.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Dave Carlson discuss the following:

  • For the benefit of our listeners, give us an overview or summary about MegaBigPower.
  • As a leading supplier of Bitcoin mining equipment, and as a Bitcoin miner yourself, what are some recent news, sales or partnerships involving MegaBigPower that you would like to share with our audience?
  • In terms of competitive advantages, what are some key strengths that distinguish MegaBigPower from other sellers of Bitcoin mining equipment?
  • Regarding events on the immediate horizon, as well as long-term plans, what is your leadership strategy for MegaBigPower?
  • What additional information would you like our listeners to know about MegaBigPower?

MegaBigPower is a premier miner of Bitcoins and the exclusive hosting partner for the 500 Thash (TH) Mining Operation. In this role, which is part of a global economic, political and cultural transformation, MegaBigPower is at the forefront of furthering the rise of the most popular form of peer-to-peer digital currency.

The impact of these events, in terms of MegaBigPower’s leadership and provision of secure, scrupulously monitored hosting for high-power mining equipment, is nothing short of revolutionary. We use that word without exaggeration or disregard for the currency of language because we have great respect for history.

For it is this moment in history – the coincidence of economic theory, technology, communications and commerce – where the aspirations of grand academicians and cherished ideals are now real: Acceptance, as a matter of intellectual legitimacy and financial fact, in which Bitcoins earn their rightful place as a monetary unit and accepted form of payment.

MegaBigPower has the privilege – and it is just that: a privilege – to advance this movement through our technical expertise and practical innovation. For example: Our low-priced utility costs enable clients to maintain their hardware and mining equipment for the longest time possible. Again, the effect is a revolution not just in economics, but a transformation in technological efficiency: A degree of otherwise unimaginable longevity, thanks to the leadership of MegaBigPower.

Concerning the latter, the cumulative influence of veteran entrepreneurs and distinguished executives, the emphasis is on wisdom. In other words, MegaBigPower is the result of the insightful work of professionals — individuals with respect for history and reverence for the factors – the events of today – which will change the world of tomorrow.

Those traits, tempered by humility and personal modesty, reflect universal rules of ethics, integrity and leadership in general. To manage this process as the acceptance of Bitcoins proliferates, traversing the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East; to be a trusted source of analysis and credibility, to lead, with solemnity and resolution – to educate and empower merchants, banks, businesses and consumers; to mine real currency, and to extract its broader symbolism as a metaphor for change — fulfillment of these duties is the mark of a leader.

Throughout these events, our accessibility will always be sacrosanct, our service exceptional and our responsiveness swift. Our clients deserve nothing but the best from us. To become a bitcoin champion consider the numerous investment opportunities available.


Links: www.megabigpower.com

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