Marrying Digital and Physical: Mail Marketing with Informed Delivery Mail Previews

The boom in technology and accessibility has made the consumer target of countless engagements. It is usual now that the mailbox of almost every user is filled with the mail of all sorts. In this hustle and bustle, advertisers are worried as the chances of their ad being buried in the heap of so many emails are very high. But where there is a will, there is a way. United States Postal Service has introduced an interesting feature of Informed Delivery which has revolutionized mail marketing in a very short time.

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This new feature has enabled the consumer to have a preview of their mail through e-mail before it arrives in their actual mailboxes. In other words, this is a happily consummated marriage of digital and physical marketing to the benefit of both consumer and seller. Informed Delivery comes with the added benefit of lower costs for businesses in their advertising campaigns and reports which are still equally engaging.

Nowadays, most businesses are concerned that their consumer output is declining despite massive advertising campaigns and lucrative deals. One reason is mail theft the other is piling up so many mails that the consumer finds it tiresome to go through all of them. The result is that discount deals, new arrivals, and other such attractions remain ill-attended to the major loss of business. But, with Informed Delivery, the risk of getting ignored is very much limited as the consumer gets a preview of what he is about to receive in the mail.

Research has shown that with Informed Delivery, by enhancing the mail experience, the users are engaged more through integrated mail and digital marketing campaign. The results are increased customer impressions, insights, and interactions. Especially after pandemic lockdowns ended, businesses needed a way to get back on their feet. By making their advertising approach a little more effective in reaching the target audience, businesses are expected to gain their potential in no time.

How does it Look from the Consumer End?

Informed Delivery enables the consumers to receive a preview of their mail. It is actually a greyscale image of the exterior, address side of the letter-size mail piece about to arrive in your mailbox. There are three sources for consumers to get these previews which narrows down the chances of missing the mail even further.

  • Email Notifications
  • Mobile App
  • Online Dashboard


Informed Delivery is beneficial in meeting the goals of marketing campaigns of the mailers. Some of its benefits are…

  • Informed Delivery (ID) helps in identifying and reaching the interested consumers.
  • The interaction between mailers and consumers is increased significantly.
  • An explicit all to action through advertising campaigns encourage faster responses.
  • Mailers can accurately measure the efficiency of their advertising campaigns.
  • Advertising campaigns through Informed Delivery are found to be cost-effective than their counterparts with a positive impact on results.
  • As the consumers spend most of their time digitally, it helps mailers to reach them there in addition to physical ones.
  • Expands the reach of mailers and increases their audience base.

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