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Make Your Social Media Mark

Posted: July 29, 2021 at 10:38 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

It’s not easy to make your mark on social media. There are now 5 main social media platforms; here they are in order of popularity:

  1. Facebook
  1. Instagram
  1. Twitter
  1. Snapchat
  1. TikTok


Tiktok may not have been around for as long, but it’s far more popular than Twitter. TikTok matches the number of active users as Instagram as there are over 1 billion active users. TikTok is arguably one of the largest and most rapidly growing social media platforms that have ever entered the world. It’s well known that social media and business are deeply intertwined, with social media being one of the main promotional outlets a can access. 

It’s low cost (most of the time, there is no cost), and it’s a great way of increasing customer engagement, improving organic traffic, and promoting products. Is it easy to make your mark on social media? No! A survey in 2018 found that 24% of small business owners have zero social media presence. If you’re a small business or any business for that matter, and you want to make your mark on social media, here’s how you can do it.

Take TikTok By Storm

TikTok takes you by storm; you don’t take it by storm. But you can try! TikTok is a worldwide sensation, and to some, an addiction. It’s so easy to spend hours scrolling through the app. It’s immensely popular, arguably one of the most popular social media platforms. TikTok is an excellent social media platform for businesses. 

Using TikTok to promote branded content is an excellent way of spreading brand awareness and engaging with customers. The only downside to TikTok is it is hard to make your mark. Users often shoot to fame from a one-hit-wonder video, gaining thousands of real TikTok followers overnight.

What’s one solution? Buy your TikTok followers. Social Followers Free is just one brand you should check out if you want real followers that can help to propel your TikTok account into the limelight. The more followers you have, the more likely your TikTok account will appear on more user feeds. 

Another solution is to follow the trends. TikTokers become famous by following challenges and trends. They then gain loyal followers who eagerly await their next video. Your business can do the same. If you can post regular TikTok content following the various trends and challenges, you’re more likely to gain a loyal following.

Consistent Posting

Consistent posting is essential across all social media platforms. Consistent posting helps keep your account in the limelight, and many of the algorithms social media platforms follow favour regular posters. Regular posting also helps to increase brand engagement, keep customers up to date on the latest goings-on in your business, and lets the world know you’re an actual business.

It’s unprofessional and terrible for a brand image to have social media accounts that aren’t up to date. Did you know, 47% of millennials admit their purchases are influenced by social media posts? There’s a big potential to generate organic traffic through social media.

Posting regular, exciting content is not hard. There are guides on the internet that explain the best type of post for each social media platform. 

Each platform favours specific content. TikTok favours interesting and captivating videos. Instagram favours beautiful images and hashtags. Facebook favours posts that contain text and images. Tailor the content you create for each social media platform for the best result. 

If your budget allows, some businesses specifically manage social media accounts. These social media marketing brands will create content for you based on the knowledge they gain from you, your website, and the content posted by your competitors.

Hashtag Everything

Aside from Facebook, all social media platforms use and are dominated by hashtags. Hashtags are a way of categorising posts and help to create tailored content for the user. As a general rule, hashtags encourage social media scrollers to engage with content that catches their eye, while posters can use hashtags to catch the attention of more scrollers. 

The different social media platforms use hashtags in different ways, but they all have the same end goal. That being to categorise and maximise content. All the content you post as a business must use hashtags, apart from Facebook. Ensure that you do your hashtag research beforehand to see which ones will gain your business more exposure.


Don’t just follow trends, be a trendsetter. As a business, you’re likely to be more successful at following trends. However, it will be excellent for your marketing efforts if you take part in setting trends as well. 

The best social media platform for setting trends is TikTok. TikTok revolves around various trends. Take inspiration from the current trends and try and put your own personal spin on them. Viral trends are one way of propelling your social media accounts towards success.

Although it is hard to make your mark on social media, it is possible if you post great content and stay consistent. Maintaining social media accounts and staying active is an essential part of business marketing.

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