LOOKUP.COM.AU, How they are making IT simple

Peter Kantarelis

Peter Kantarelis the CEO and Owner of LOOKUP.COM.AU, that provides IT Managed Services to Small to Medium Enterprises and Franchise Groups joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Peter Kantarelis discuss the following:

  • I understand you recently launched a new Vision – making IT simple – why did you choose to do this at this time and what was that process like?
  • What are some of the key areas in the Small Medium Enterprise vertical that you see needing to be fixed after every engagement?
  • How are you seeing Cloud Technology help Small Businesses – there seems to be a fear of large costs and overhaul associated with cloud.
  • Doing this for 16 years what do you still get a kick out of when dealing with IT?

At LOOKUP.COM.AU, we provide customised IT Solutions and Managed Services across a broad spectrum of technologies and business platforms. With over 15 years of providing IT services and solutions to Australian Businesses, we deliver personal and tailored technology for any business type and size. We also provide Helpdesk Support for our customers, delivering friendly tech support for all IT solutions, from simple to advanced systems and software.

At the forefront of all this is Peter Kantarelis LOOKUP.COM’s Owner and CEO. Peter has taken LOOKUP from a small idea in a garage to a 15+ Staff Company with a large Showroom on Australia’s busiest Highway. With no formal background in IT, Peter saw the need for honest upfront and easy to understand solutions. Without any marketing or advertising Peter has taken his company to multi-million dollar level – all through hardwork building relationships and networking with like minded people.



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