Looking to Reduce the Energy Bills of Your Commercial Building? These 6 Tips Will Help!

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that the employees are happy and productive. To do this, you need to provide them with everything they need – from high-quality office spaces to an excellent work environment.

One of the most important things is maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the building. However, the problem is that your business building can consume much electricity. This can hamper your business growth.

That’s why we have created this blog post, where we will introduce some tips on how you can reduce these costs to ensure that extended electricity costs do not come in the way of your business growth.

Take a look.

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Change the Air Filters Regularly

Dirty air filters make the heating and cooling systems work harder, using more energy. That’s why it is important to instruct your facility manager to replace the air filters as soon as you start noticing some dirt build-up.

Also, make sure to instruct them to regularly clean the air vents, which are responsible for circulating fresh air throughout the building.

Contact an Affordable Energy Provider

This is a no-brainer. Your commercial building consumes several units of electricity every year. If you’re a small business owner, paying high amounts on electricity units can eat up your profits for good. 

This is why connecting with a gas and electricity company like MayFlower makes sense. They offer natural gas and electricity at affordable rates and help you operate your business without obstructions. 

Use Blinds to Control the Sunlight

One of the best things you can do is control how much sunlight enters your building during the different times of the year.

For example, if it’s wintertime and you have installed blinds that can be drawn up, you should keep them open during the entire day. 

This means that sunlight will enter the workplace and keep it warm. This will reduce the heater’s load, bringing the energy bill down.

During summertime, you should not draw them open as it will increase the work of the air conditioning system, ramping up your monthly energy bill!

Adjust The Temperature Settings According To Your Needs

You should be aware that most people feel comfortable when the temperature is set at 68 degrees Fahrenheit. This doesn’t mean that your heating and cooling system has to reach this temperature. It just means that it will adjust accordingly based on the requirements for everybody inside.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance

Periodic inspections and regular maintenance of HVAC systems are extremely important to ensure that they are properly working.

When a technician comes in for a periodic inspection, they will ensure that all parts of the heating or cooling system are in proper working order and operating at peak performance.

This will reduce the operating costs and allow you to save some money on energy bills every month.

Ensure Energy Efficiency

To get the best heating or cooling efficiency, all appliances must be properly working.

For example, if you have a heavy-duty appliance that has been installed in your commercial kitchen, you should hire a professional to check it from time to time.

In this way, you will be able to make sure that the heating and cooling system is operating at peak performance and does not have to work harder than needed to keep everybody comfortable!

Final Word

Energy is the core requirement of any business. Figuring out a way to use it efficiently will help in your business growth.

By using the tips we have presented here, you will be able to reduce your energy expenses and lower the cost of operation. 

If you want to learn more about how MayFlower can help you lower your electricity and natural gas expenses, consider checking out the website.

Good luck!

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