London Video Production Rapidly Growing


Thanks to its atmospheric settings, cultural landscape and architecture, London video production is rapidly growing with there being such a variety of brilliant locations at the disposal of global filmmakers to shoot their pivotal material from.

One of the most popular London locations that have seen a rise in prominence in the film industry has been the use of London’s underground network where access to exclusive Transport for London stations can be provided to filmmakers.

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Exclusive TFL Stations Where Scenes are Filmed

Filmmakers can apply to film in exclusive areas of the tube stations not usually accessible to the public and some of these locations of Aldwych and Charing Cross have played pivotal roles in the Fast and Furious and James Bond franchises respectively.

At Aldwych station, it featured a captivating fight sequence between characters Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodgriguez) and Riley Hicks (Gina Carano) where they are both battling each other in front of bewildered commuters. 

In Skyfall, there is an integral scene that is set in Temple station where James Bond (Daniel Craig) is chasing after villain Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem) and Bond has to squeeze his way through many commuters and at one point then manages to jump onto a train just as it is about to leave. 

However, while those particular scenes were set in Temple station they were actually filmed in Charing Cross on a disused Jubilee Line platform. 

Filming with Transport for London

TfL’s policy on filming requests states that it does not permit commercial advertising activity within its transport network unless there is a clear sponsorship arrangement with TFL and this has been approved by the Mayor of London. 

If people are wishing to film anything which may suggest endorsement by TfL then the TFL office has to be contacted at least two weeks prior to the shoot date so they can advise whether the filmmaker’s request meets their criteria.

Applicants should note that they must obtain permission from any third party whose content appears in their production including, but not limited to, music tracks and published text. Applicants are also reminded that they must adhere to all Health & Safety requirements when filming on their network.

Challenges Of Filming In London

Although the London underground network is an excellent filming location, it also presents significant challenges.

Filming in a busy environment such as on the tube can be difficult and time-consuming to organise. It’s not just that people will need to be stopped from entering or leaving specific stations for hours at a time – permission needs to be obtained from all parties involved including train operators, staff of other businesses nearby and police officers who will inevitably have their hands full coordinating this activity too.

Not only does this take up valuable resources but delays are inevitable which could mean having to reschedule your shoot entirely if you don’t allow enough lead-time for these permissions to come through. 

Of course, some business owners may be more than willing partners but others may resent the disruption to their own work and customers and thus you may need to be prepared for some opposition.

Applicants should understand that TFL has limited resources when working out who gets priority; once this process is complete applicants must also adhere to other restrictions depending upon their requirements (such as road closures).

It is important that the shoot has a good contingency plan in place as well, there may be instances where you need to reschedule at short notice due to external factors.

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