Let’s Welcome Jessica Eaves Mathews to EPN

The Entrepreneur Podcast Network would like to officially welcome Jessica Eaves Mathews to EPN. She will be airing Foundations of Business Brilliance later this week. This will be a weekly aired program streaming on demand for your convenience.

Jessica Eaves Mathews is America’s Advocate for Women in Business.™ She is passionate about helping women launch wealth-building businesses infused with authenticity & passion. Jessica is a seasoned business lawyer, advisor and coach for business owners and entrepreneurs. She is also a multi-passionate entrepreneur herself, having launched a number of successful ventures of her own throughout the past 15 years. Jessica has had a wonderfully successful career as a lawyer. She has spent her career representing businesses and business owners, from solopreneurs, to mom and pop stores and restaurants, to professional service-providers to Fortune 500 companies. She has even represented some of the most successful and most wealthy entrepreneurs in the world. She has been there in every phase of the business life cycle from start-up on. She has also been a successful entrepreneur in her own right for almost a full decade. However, she has always suffered from entrepreneurial ADD because she has never wanted to be defined as “just a lawyer.” Her heart has always been drawn to creating businesses out of her creativity and passions. And over the years, she found that her clients, friends and family regularly sought her out for advice, support and guidance on how to launch and run their own businesses. As a result, Jessica shed her role as “just a lawyer” and realized her own dream of devoting her time and energies to helping women business owners reach their own dreams and goals through their own businesses.

Her Business Brilliance™ brand is dedicated to empowering women with the tools they need to create a life of personal and financial brilliance through entrepreneurship. Through her dynamic Business Brilliance Blueprint™ programs, books, live events and ezines, Jessica guides women entrepreneurs through the emotional and practical steps toward a rock solid business that empowers and liberates women to have a brilliant business and brilliant life on their own terms.

Jessica is an expert blogger for StartupNation, a faculty member for the Smart Women’s Institute of Entrepreneurial Learning, an eLearning expert for MOMeo, the online community for mompreneurs, an expert on the up-coming reality life makeover show for women on the Oxygen network, 180: Life and Style Makeovers, and is the author of the soon-to-be-released book, Brilliant Business, Brilliant Life: A Woman’s Handbook to Having it All! (release date: August 2010).
She also has a successful golf clothing line for women called Grace & Game Golf.

In her free time, Jessica loves spending time in her Corrales, New Mexico home with her daughter, where they ride and show their Arabian horses, play with their three, silly, large doggies, and enjoy the New Mexico sun. You can follow Jessica on Twitter @JessMathews.

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