Learn Your Right After a Truck Accident: What To Do First

Trucking accidents become complex when investigating the cause, and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations apply to these accidents. All commercial drivers must comply with the laws or face penalties and further liabilities. A failure to comply with laws could lead to serious consequences, including a revoked CDL. After an accident, victims need an attorney to help them file a legal claim.  

Report the Accident

The first step after a truck accident is to report the accident to law enforcement. Victims can report the trucking accident by calling 911 or using speed dial options to contact highway patrol directly on their smartphones.

After reporting the accident, law enforcement officers will know what to do to manage the accident and find out what happened. When starting a legal claim, the claimant needs an accident report that provides details about the wreck. Victims who need to learn more about truck accidents and legal claims get started by contacting an attorney now. 

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Seek Medical Attention

All victims who were injured in a trucking accident should seek medical attention and generate medical records of their injuries. Even if they believe the injuries are minor, a medical assessment can evaluate the victim’s injuries and determine if the victims require an extensive recovery period. When filing a legal claim, the claimant needs complete medical records that show all injuries sustained in the accident. Severe or permanent injuries could present a higher payout if the claimant wins their claim.  

Find Out Who Caused the Accident

During the investigation of the trucking accident, law enforcement officers will determine who caused the accident. However, there are more steps involved than just assessing the scene of the accident.

With truck accidents, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations apply. The driver and the truck must be assessed to determine if there was any additional cause for the accident if the truck driver is deemed liable for the accident.  

Get Started on a Legal Claim

Victims must first hire a truck accident lawyer to get started with the legal claim. This ensures victims are aware of their rights and important procedures involved in the claims process. After the victim has hired an attorney, they can start a legal claim against the trucking company or the driver. Evidence must show that the claimant sustained injuries and financial losses because of the accident. Financial statements and invoices are needed to substantiate the victim’s claim and show why the trucking company or the driver was responsible for these injuries. An attorney understands the most suitable practices to get started with the claim.  

Determine If a Settlement Is Possible

In these cases, a trucking company will try to settle out of court for the accident injuries. The victim should allow their attorney to negotiate the settlement on their behalf. The victim should never speak to the trucking company or the driver themselves. There are too many tricks that can be used to get a claimant to agree to a low-ball settlement and protect the trucking company from a major loss.  

Trucking accidents can create serious injuries fast because of the weight and speedof the vehicles. On the roadways, the 18-wheelers cannot stop as quickly and could collide with another vehicle at higher than average speeds. Victims who were injured in trucking accidents need an attorney to represent them and present their case to the court. An attorney can prepare the victims for the claims and collect all the evidence they need. By hiring an attorney, victims can get started on a legal claim now.  

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