Leadership for the Recovering Quantoid with Bob Llewellyn

 Leadership for the Recovering Quantoid

Bob Llewellyn the principal consultant from Llewellyn Consulting and author of Leadership for the Recovering Quantoid joins Enterprise Radio. Bob is also known by many as the Biz Bucks Guy because he has taught over 4000 people his Biz Bucks series of financial decision making courses.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Bob Llewellyn discuss the following:
  • I’m sure our listeners have one first question: What’s a Quantoid?
  • Is this book only for Quantoids?
  • What lead you you write this book?
  • What’s the main point of Leadership for the Recovering Quantoid?
  • What do you mean “shoot their car”?
  • Of your 12 skills, what is the most under-utilized skill of the twelve?
  • Can you give us one idea or tip from the leadership skills?
  • How can people get Leadership for the Recovering Quantoid?
  • What’s in the future for Llewellyn Consulting, Bob?.

Duration: 11:50

Robert N. (Bob) Llewellyn, Sr. is Principal Consultant of Llewellyn Consulting, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Bob is a management consultant and trainer of financial decision-making and business acumen. Since 1997, he has delivered his Biz Bucks series of courses to over 4000 people. He has also worked with large companies, mostly electric utilities, to develop a wide spectrum of management tools, including capital budgeting, project management, organizational design, management of change (MOC), new engineer development, and work management. He has held leadership and technical positions with Arizona Public Service and General Electric.

Bob is the author of Leadership for the Recovering Quantoid: Boss-hood for Engineers, Accountants, Analysts, and Others with Severe Quantoidal Tendencies (Tate Publishing 2013). He has also authored papers for periodicals, two of which were selected by SHRM for their “best papers of the decade” anthology.

Bob hold degrees in engineering (BSEE Arizona State University) and business (MBA University of Southern California).

Bob is married to Marilyn. They have six children and fifteen grandchildren. Bob’s primary vices in life are golf and hassling his grandkids. He has served in both adult and youth organizations in his church. In 2004, he received the Silver Beaver adult leadership award from the Boy Scouts of America.

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