Leadership Development for the Sports Coach

Lee Povey and Myriam Glez, the Co-Founders of Coaches Soul, a company that provides sports coaches with the support, coaching, community, and leadership development they need to excel joins Enterprise Fit Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guests Lee Povey and Myriam Glez discuss the following:

  1. What makes the difference between a training course and a transformational experience?
  2. What is leadership?
  3. What are the new ways coaches can seek support to avoid isolation?
  4. What is burnout and how do we look for the signs of it?
  5. What does Coaches Soul do that is different from the training you might get from a Sports Federation?

Myriam Glez and Lee Povey co-founded Coaches Soul together in 2021 after experiencing the loneliness and burnout that comes from being a professional sports coach. Myriam Glez is a former 2-time Olympian in synchronized swimming, who entered the corporate world and then shifted back to sport as the coach, and then manager of the USA national team synchro swimming program. Lee Povey is a previous GB Junior National Track Cycling team member who after a career in real estate, moved into professional track cycling coaching, going on to set up and coach USA Cycling’s Olympic Development Program.

Bringing the knowledge and expertise from the combination of participation, coaching experience, and exposure to the corporate world, Myriam and Lee are excited to work with sports coaches across all sports disciplines and all levels, to help them develop and hone their leadership skills, communication, and motivational techniques. While supporting them emotionally and in their self-awareness journeys.

Website: https://www.coachessoul.com

Social Media Links:
LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/company/coaches-soul
Facebook: https://facebook.com/Coachessoul

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