Launching Online Casino Startup: Post-COVID Business Opportunities

The pandemic hit many industries hard, but that’s not the case with online gambling. Internet casinos used the fact they provide services over the web to increase the industry worth to $66.7 billion. That growth trend is likely to continue, so is it the right time to launch an online casino startup business?

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In this article, we are focusing on web gambling platforms as a potential business opportunity for entrepreneurs. Here are the crucial details to understand before choosing this path!

It All Starts by Finding Software and Games Providers

If you look at the real money online casinos overview by CasinoHEX, you’ll notice the platforms feature software and games by reputable developers. Those include Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, etc. Your initial task is to partner with a suitable software provider that would power your gambling website.

The option to create software by yourself (or pay someone to do it) exists, but it takes time, effort, and money. Additionally, real money online casinos should be licensed and reviewed by professional websites. That’s why partnering up with an existing software provider enables you to leverage their reputation. The reviewers and visitors will immediately know the platform is reliable and bug-free. On top of that, you’ll have everything needed to provide exceptional service to visitors. Additionally, partnering up with an existing software provider might enable you to leverage their reputation.

For Players, It’s All About the Games

From a player’s perspective, game selection is a crucial consideration when choosing a gambling website. Therefore, it’s critical to offer games by premium developers. Evolution Gaming is famous for their live casino tables, NetEnt and Microgaming offer progressive jackpot slots, and many other providers design roulette and blackjack games.

It’s critical to offer a decent type and genre variety. Your slot library should contain at least 30 games featuring various themes and concepts. Online casino owners shouldn’t forget poker, roulette, and other table games. It’s even possible to offer scratch cards, keno, and arcade titles. You can always leave room to add new games after launching the site to keep the selection fresh.

A Business License Proves Trustworthiness

In the online gambling world, there is a thing called a gaming license. You contact the relevant authority for your area and submit a license request. It’s necessary to meet the commission’s requirements, which involves securing liquidity and business transparency and complying with relevant laws and regulations. As for the finances, it might be smart to conduct a detailed analysis of your business.

The most reputable licensing bodies include the UK Gambling Commission, Malta, Gibraltar, Curacao gaming authorities, etc. Most authorities require paying a fee to request and receive a license. Additionally, you have to renew your certificate occasionally (usually annually), which confirms you continue to do and enhance business according to standards.

Legislations could be different depending on the country. That’s why you need a legal expert that will help you meet any related laws in those locations. If you go with a white label software provider, it might be possible to utilize their license.

Security and Other Certificates

Apart from a gaming license, it’s crucial to implement security certificates. That way, players will know they can feel safe while playing. It all starts with encrypted transactions but continues with other security layers. Most casinos use the Know Your Customer system to fight against money laundering.

The experts suggest investing in a security team and the latest measures as it’s a crucial consideration for reputability. You can’t allow data and financial breaches since that would harm your platform’s reputation.

Which Payment Methods Will You Include?

If a player visits a gaming site, they like having multiple deposit and withdrawal options. The most frequent ones used include credit cards and web wallets. Those are Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, etc. However, an evident trend is that more casinos are accepting cryptocurrencies. It might be a method of distinguishing yourself from most other platforms. Players also find crypto a safer and more anonymous payment option than fiat currencies.

Even if you are a student launching a business, you have to analyze the market and competitors. The same applies to the internet gambling industry. The experts suggest visiting main competitors to see which payment methods and other benefits they offer. It will help identify innovative services that assist when positioning your platform in the market.

It’s Time to Promote Your Platform!

Does it seem like you polished everything and the platform is ready for launching? If your answer is yes, it’s time for promotion. It’s vital to invest in marketing because even the best online casinos can’t attract visitors without advertising. The good news is that marketing strategies are similar to other industries. That implies using informational content to spread the news about the new platform.

These are some marketing tactics to try:

  •  Blogs – blogs can help to boost SEO and attract users by offering valuable content.
  • Videos – promotional videos are an excellent way to present your platform and its strongest suits.
  • Social networks – it’s crucial to be active on social media. It allows staying in touch with potential users and informing them about current promotions.

The Importance of Bonuses

If you are launching an online casino, exclusive bonuses are among the marketing ideas to apply. They’ve become common in the internet gambling world, but the secret is in tailoring them to your visitors. If you are only launching the platform, offering no deposit bonuses can be attractive. It allows players to try the website without investing. As long as you offer a premium gaming experience, the majority should stay and start depositing to their accounts.

Some other common bonuses include welcome deals and loyalty programs. You can consider customized bonuses for mobile devices or specific games. It’s even possible to design multiple promotion options and allow players to choose. The idea of bonuses is to use the website’s strongest suits and attract players to try the platform.

Final Thoughts

Starting a new business requires time, effort, and other resources. However, in the post-COVID time, online gambling platforms can be an excellent opportunity for a successful business. The trends show the industry will keep growing in the coming years. That’s something entrepreneurs could use to their advantage. It’s vital to design a trustworthy website with a premium gaming experience. That will help to stand out from the competition and succeed in the online gambling world.

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