KnowThings: CA Technologies Startup Accelerator

Anand Kameswaran the CEO of  KnowThings, with the focus to empower IoT development by making device simulations faster and easier to deploy joins Enterprise Radio. KnowThings is an incubation under development in CA innovation program.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Anand Kameswaran discuss the following:

  1. With the tremendous growth and investment in the IoT space, what are the current challenges for developers ? How does thing help? Also, clarify to our audience, what is a KnowThings?
  2. What is a self-learning IoT virtualizer and how is it ideal for both IoT developers and IoT solution architects?
  3. How do you ensure you are building the IoT virtualizer to scale for various usecases across different IoT environments ?
  4. We see you talk about your patented machine learning algorithms in your website. Tell us more about how this is unique and valuable for developers?
  5. You just released a developer program. Speak to the benefits of joining the developer program.
  6. What does KnowThings use to create its modeling? Does it need real data and all possible interactions captured to generate realistic data scenarios?
  7. Machine learning typically requires large sets of data and computational power. How does KnowThings utilize the machine learning technology?
  8. As a startup accelerator, there is lots of advice you can give to others also looking to startup an accelerator business. What are some lessons learned for those looking to get in the business?
  9. Where do you see the future of IoT simulation going? What to expect next from KnowThings in the upcoming months?

Anand Kameswaran (AK) is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of KnowThings. He brings vision and energy to whatever he works on. He founded KnowThings because he’s obsessed with efficiency and making the lives of developers better. AK believes that software is how developers bring their ideas to the real world, and things are how the world interacts with software. In past lives, AK ran a market leading service virtualization product and was the lead singer of a 1990s punk band. At home, he has an automated aquaponics and goat farm and is constantly making his house smarter.


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