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Jamie Wright, an attorney at the intersection of the law, business, and politics

Posted: September 15, 2020 at 6:30 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Jamie Wright, a millennial lawyer and crisis communicator, based in Los Angeles, CA joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Jamie Wright discuss the following:

  1. In your bio, you state that you’re an attorney at the intersection of the law, business, and politics. Can you expand on what you mean by that?
  2. Can you briefly talk about what you feel are the biggest concerns as it pertains to labor and employment?
  3. What industries are you most focused on? Entertainment/Celebrity or corporate entities?
  4. Additionally, I noticed you are actively involved in the Black Lives Matter movement…Can you tell us more about what you’re doing at the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Doctor King’s Flagship organization?
  5. Lastly, you’re the Founder and Director of the Dream Hands Foundation, tell us more about the organization and your involvement.

Jamie E. Wright, Esq. is a highly sought-after millennial lawyer and crisis communicator in Los Angeles. Being at the intersection of the law, business, and politics, Wright has made a name for herself in legal and business circles as an expert in managing multidimensional businesses and clients with keen insight on the law and a forward thinking flare. No stranger to hard work and dedication, Wright is an attorney at a labor and employment law firm and she is a partner in Millennial Government Affairs (“MGA”).  As a partner, Wright focuses on providing MGA clients with savvy social media campaigns, crisis communication plans, and legally compliant strategies for political campaigns and corporate business clients. In addition to being a partner in MGA while the depth and breadth of her practice is huge, Jamie is a senior attorney in the area of labor and employment law and she focuses her attention on wage and hour litigation and contract disputes.

Wright, who is licensed to practice law in the State of California, graduated from the University of California, Berkeley. While at Berkeley, she worked for the mayoral campaign of the former Mayor of Berkeley, Tom Bates. Due to her commitment to the campaign and work ethic, Wright was appointed to the City of Berkeley, Peace and Justice Commission at age 19. For more on Jamie Wright ESQ click here.


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