Is Genesis Vision a good investment?

Friends, we have a question for you. Please tell me what association do you have when you hear the word FOREX? We very rarely ask you about something, but today we would like to see an option from each of you in the comments. Today’s article, we will devote to the Genesis Vision project, which is an investment platform for capital management.

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What is Genesis Vision Cryptocurrency 

Genesis Vision is a blockchain-based trust management platform for financial assets using smart contracts. This platform will unite 3 players in one place:

  • traders
  • Investors
  • brokers

The first two players will have access to the platform through a mobile application and a web interface. Each trader will have his own tokens, the number of which will depend solely on his success. 

Features of the Genesis Vision Platform As we said, each trader will have their own tokens (ERC20), which will be sold on the intra-platform exchange. The transfer of funds will take place in the following way. By connecting to the platform, each investor will choose a manager for himself, after which he will buy his tokens for fiat or crypto. 

You probably thought that this is nothing special and unique, and you have seen a similar implementation in the Melonport and CoinDash projects. But, Genesis Vision differs from these sites in that it can manage not only digital assets, but also currencies. To get this opportunity, the team had to obtain a license from the Financial Commission. In addition, the Genesis Vision project will be endowed with such functions as openness, immutability, and impossibility of censoring – this is facilitated by the blockchain technology underlying the platform. 

Prospects for the Genesis Vision cryptocurrency 

Considering the current problems associated with the topic of investing, FOREX, binary options and trading cfd contracts in the Russian-speaking market. It can be assumed that the Genesis Vision site will be able to fix all these problems. Brokers who are third parties to the platform will only enter the work when necessary when the client wants to work with currencies. Moreover, each transaction will be recorded in the IFPS system. 

This model provides benefits to all participants in the process, where participants gain transparency, and brokers and traders get new markets to find clients. If the Genesis Vision team conducts a good advertising campaign after the creation of their platform, then the value of GVT tokens can increase significantly. 

Where to buy Genesis Vision cryptocurrency 

The developers of the Genesis Vision platform were not scattered when choosing the exchanges on which they would like to see their coins and settled on the 3 most popular resources:

  • Binance
  • Kucoin
  • HitBTC


According to gvt coin news, even though now, the market capitalization does not reach $ 100 million, we believe that this situation will change very soon. In the next month, we will see the name Genesis Vision in the TOP 80 capitalization projects, unless of course the market is blown up by some other projects.

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