Instagram becoming a shop/marketplace and how it may affect creators’ opportunities on Instagram

Instagram changed our lives forever. It replaced family photograph albums, daily chronicles, changed the traditional notion of blogs, and affected businesses. According to the research conducted by GPALabs, this social network has over one billion active users every month, which makes it the most engaging platform. However, Instagram does not stop at this and keeps introducing new features. This year, it announced the function of checkout that allows paying for good without leaving the application. So far, this service is available only in the United States and for some international companies. Shops and creators will be able to post products and services write on the pages or in stories. A buyer will just need to click on the tag on the shopping-tag on the picture, fill in the card information and address, pay, and wait for the desired item. This update will definitely influence many businesses and industries. Today, we are going to discuss the possible effect of Instagram as a marketplace and what impact it has on its users. 

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How Does Instagram Effect Businesses and Creators Today?

In 3-4 years, classical internet-shops will be less profitable. Even now, people tend to visit desktop versions of websites less than mobile. The rapid rhythm of life, constant lack of time, and small computers in our pockets developed a habit of doing everything on the run. We surf the Internet and purchase clothes while we are riding in the metro. Businesses take these changes into account and transform the classical notion of shopping experience into a digital format. 

Brands and creators no longer must develop a full-scale mobile-friendly online-shops. They neither need to develop an application. Solutions are already offered. A simple Instagram account can now replace a shop on Etsy, eBay, etc. This social platform has everything a creator might need for developing his brand, selling goods, or services. You can build your audience, promote your account, interact with influencers, advertise, and now even sell without leaving the app. It is estimated that the revenue Instagram receives from ads will have been worth $7 billion by 2020. The budget spent on influencer marketing will have reached $15 billion by 2022. Almost every brand uses Instagram as a marketing instrument. And it’s quite an essential part of the business development strategy. 

Thus, every creator and business enthusiast can start a career on Instagram with little financial investment. They might consider launching ad campaigns to grow their audience from the start. The average cost per click is around 50-60 cents, depending on the parameters you set. 

The existing businesses have to either keep up with trends or become trendsetters themselves. There is going to be much competition due to the appearance of a new function of checkout. Influencer marketing will still be popular. However, brands will cooperate with users who have fewer subscribers. First of all, it’s cheaper, and they can cover more regions. Second of all, their subscribers are more loyal and trustworthy in comparison to celebrities’ followers. 

Tips for Creators to Benefit Instagram as a Marketplace

Some marketing techniques work great on this social media platform. If you follow these recommendations, you can considerably grow your audience and enhance the chances of increasing your income as a creator on Instagram. We have taken into account the latest updates and prepared seven valuable hints for you:

  • Identity. All products, material, other social media accounts, a website, and even email campaigns must be in one style and brand. Usually, it can be a logo, the same fonts, corporate color scheme, trademark. You can easily compile a so-called brand guideline and stick to it on your page. It includes the color schemes and filters you use to edit your photos. Always finish your posts with the same catchy phrase or extraordinarily greet your customers. Let your imagination guide you. Moreover, it would help if you did not forget about offline marketing. Wrap your goods into branded paper or develop a unique packaging. As long as your brand or products are memorable and trigger emotions, you are good to go. 
  • Hashtags. This is a powerful instrument, and 99% of users benefit from it. This is not just a fancy “thing”. It’s a significant and helpful search instrument on Instagram. Thus, if you sell handmade jewelry, you can create a diversity of hashtags. In case you resell some branded dresses, don’t hesitate to put the name of a brand in the hashtag. People will search for the suit they want and come across your page. If you offer some better terms or prices, there’s a high possibility users can choose you. Besides, it can excellent navigation on your account. You can create a unique # with your company’s name, etc. If your goods are divided into groups or have some similarities, it simplifies the process of finding the necessary item on your page. For example, if your company name is “Mimi” and you produce lingerie, you can either group them in titles, types of underwear, or both. As a result, your potential Instagram clients can find the product they want using #Mimi_bras or #Mimi_nightgowns. 
  • Geolocation. It is another crucial instrument that is often underestimated on Instagram. If you sell your products or services worldwide, you can tag various cities. Besides, don’t forget to use the knowledge about your target audience and check in the places they are likely to attend or search for. Thus, if you sell handmade photo albums for newborns, you can add the geolocation of maternity hospitals or other offline shops that sell products from children and parents. 
  • Native ads with bloggers. You have to play by the rules if you have chosen Instagram. Influencers, brands, and bloggers tend to cooperate based on native ads, cross-marketing, etc. When you already have an established audience, you can reach out to other companies or bloggers and offer them mutual contests, giveaways, or simple cross-ads. You can also order ads from celebrities that will tell millions of their subscribers about your brand. 
  • Targeted ads. First of all, you must have a business Instagram account to have access to the Ads Manager. If you don’t, you should create it – the process is straightforward. Targeted advertising can help you get closer to the “warm” leads with the help of the basic or in-depth knowledge about your TA. 
  • Be trendy. Instagram’s trends are changing daily, if not hourly. Offer your followers entertaining and exciting content that requires some interaction. For example, arrange marathons, quests, or contests. Communicate with your audience, praise them, and give them prizes. For example, if you sell sunglasses, throw a contest for the funniest picture in your product with a pet. You can even use cross-marketing here and attract some pet-goods stores to offer some gifts as well. Participate in flash mobs or create them. This guarantees lots of organic involvement and new potential customers. 
  • Rely on robots. Instead of repeating automated actions over and over again, let the programmed robots do their jobs. We bet you have plenty of things to do instead of tracking all types of activities. Instapromо, Pamagram, Social Hammer are excellent helpers. 

Instagram, as a marketplace, offers a diversity of opportunities for creators. First of all, its new features can help save money on business expenses such as website development, fees, etc. Seconds of all, it already has an enormous audience that is ready to purchase. The only thing left is to target the right people. And the main piece of advice is that you have to teach your customers how to love you as a brand. Just like this small grocery store, “Trader Joe’s” that has 1.8 million followers and high income. Good luck! 

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