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Inspiring to be Healthy & Fit with Sarah Stanley

Posted: July 13, 2011 at 11:09 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Inspiring to be Healthy & Fit with Sarah Stanley | Entrepreneurial Fit Radio

Professional Endurance Athlete & Ultra marathon runner, entrepreneur, health/fitness advocate and speaker, Sarah Stanley is an inspiration to many! A passionate advocate for being active, healthy, and happy, Sarah’s message has been shared with young and old alike. Not only because she has run marathons, fifity mile and hundred mile races, but because she has a passion to inspire others toward achieving their goals and to live a healthy life .She uses her personal ultra races to inspire others — “If you put your mind to it, you will surprise yourself by what you can accomplish”.

Sarah values both physical and mental toughness both in her training and in life. As she travels the Country running marathons, speaking to a wide-range of audiences, and sharing her journey through Twitter, blogging and speaking; her message of inspiration, fitness and endurance encourages people of all ages.

As a spokesperson on social media and ultra fitness, Sarah has been featured in SELF magazine, Ladies Home Journal, Chicago Athlete magazine and First For Women. In 2009 she completed 13 races, most notably a 100 mile ultra marathon, and a 24 team relay, 3 full marathons and one half marathon all within 5 weeks. and tweeted progress updates on her Blackberry while running. She also recorded videos for her sponsors, ran for charity, spoke for Lululemon Athletica on the topic of running, and appeared in a television interview for College Life (Boston) — inspiring college students to dream big and reach for their goals, live a healthy life and give back to the community.

2010 marked a year of accomplishments, as she was the only woman to complete a Double Boston Marathon. In September she dedicated a week to getting the message out about childhood obesity and cycled around 276 miles from Washington, D.C. to New York City to raise awareness on her Run Ride Inspire project and educated kids about the importance of an active lifestyle, eating real foods and helping others. As part of the trip, she partnered with ING Run For Something Better program. Sarah raised funds for the organization’s program.

Sarah also wants to connect communities through health education. Through Run Ride Inspire, she wants to educate, raise awareness and inspire kids & adults to live a life of health and fitness. Sarah shares inspiration through Twitter and other social media, allowing others to be inspired through her daily life. She loves speaking to a wide-range of audiences and encouraging others to live a healthy life, help others and start running! Her message of inspiration, fitness and endurance touches the lives of many.


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