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Raj Pal Singh Kharabanda

Raj Pal Singh Kharabanda, the CEO of the company [Paketbeilagen Club] that is a marketing/advertising cooperation network that creates real relationships between e-commerce owners to increase their own brand awareness by investing almost nothing joins eCommerce Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Raj Pal Singh Kharabanda discuss the following:

  • What is your business about?
  • What are the benefits of your business?
  • What is crucial for an entrepreneur to look at before establishing a company?
  • How can an entrepreneur convince people to become customers?
  • Could you give our listeners a few hints to look at while being in the market and in general?

Duration: 7:58

Raj Pal Singh Kharabanda established [Paketbeilagen Club] in January 2012. Paketbeilagen Club is a marketing cooperation network.

E-Shop owners, Bloggers, Musicians, talented people and companies that would like to increase their brand awareness have the ability to find each other on our network and support each other. The network is based on “The Give and Take Principle“.

For example an e-commerce owner who is selling clothes hast he same target group as an e-commerce owner who is selling shoes or jewelry. These three e-commerce owners that have the same target group have the ability to find each other on our network within seconds and start a cooperation together. Working together has many advantages. One can save a lot of advertisement costs, more potential customers will be reached through a cooperation, e-commerce owners get to know other e-commerce owners that maybe want to work closer together. We have many members that are highly motivated to work a couple of times together to strengthen the relationship.

Working together means to exchange give-aways, insert the partners-logo on ones own website, insert links of the partner in the newsletter, mention the partner in blogs, make link-exchanges, recommend each other, like each other on Facebook. There are many ways how to support each other and benefit of that in an enormous way. I have realized that working together with a motivated business-partner is very powerful. Often positive things happen that no one ever expected at all.

Just a few weeks ago we agreed to work with a printing company together and therefore offer our members additional new services. Now our members have the possibility to let their flyer design by us, print them through our partner and initiate “Exchange Campaigns” with partners they have found on our network. That partnership makes our network more attractive and our members do not have to switch from one website to another to get their necessities done. With our combined services a member can save a lot of time and be confident that everything will be done as promised.

By and large our network is growing day by day and we are expecting that many more members will find their right partner to grow and to increase their brand awareness by working together and in addition decrease the advertisement budget.

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