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Many auto dealerships are in the midst of huge changes in the industry brought on by the Internet. Not only has the online era brought about a new level of informed customer to the negotiating table, it has also brought distant competitors together to fight for the same clients. Because of differences in buying patterns, the millennial generation can appear to be a hard sell, creating a recipe for catastrophic change in the auto industry. Because of this, auto dealerships need to be prepared to upgrade not just their own internal processes, but also the way they do business altogether. As the auto industry gets increasingly competitive, it is simply no longer an option to sit back on your laurels anymore. The industry requires your business to change or die. Here are the top areas where review is an absolute necessity.

Use or Upgrade Your CRM Software

If you’re using old CRM software which did little more than aggregate customer data, or worse, if you’re using the old-fashioned paper accounting system because “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” it’s time to upgrade your dealership CRM right now. It is absolutely imperative that you stay in the game against your competitors. While personal communication is still massively important to stay at the top, the tools of modern CRM get you there to begin with. Your CRM should be taking advantage of everything from internet leads to inventory control to upselling opportunities in the service department. While smart auto dealers were already doing this, the use of CRM software will automate the process and allow your sales force to focus on closing more leads. It isn’t just a “nice thing.” It’s absolutely needed to make use of all potential tools at your disposal to ensure that your business remains competitive.

Create Closer Links Between Departments and Share Information

By using modern dealership CRM software, it creates closer ties between departments by sharing information. This means that your sales and service group can work in unison to provide the ideal customer experience and maximize your potential revenue. Make sure that your call center has access to sales and service records, since this is also paramount for ensuring that customers have the best potential support experience and remain with a positive outlook toward your dealership. In short, by making sure that records are open, it ensures that the sales department has all of the information to look for upselling opportunities, and that the service department has all of the information needed to review the health of the vehicle and make suggestions which can also further your revenue stream, and that your support department has unified information to make sure your clients are satisfied.

Information sharing through modern CRM allows you to quickly review your inventory and make changes. By having access to what is working on the sales and service floor, you can get a good picture of what needs to be changed to maximize profitability for your dealership. Access to knowledge on the customers’ needs is a great way to ensure that they come to you first.

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