Gavin Freeman

I mean it! Just stop motivating me…

Gavin Freeman

Gavin Freeman, the CEO of the Business Olympian & the author of his new book “Just stop motivating me” again joins Enterprise Radio to discuss what motivates people.

The episode of Enterprise Radio is in association with the Book Author Channel.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Gavin Freeman discuss the following:

  • Motivation is not a new concept, we have been trying to understand it for many years and over time we have seen a maturity in its understanding. Last time we spoke we discussed your Motivational Mindset Continuum, we believe you have now released this as a book. Can you briefly remind us of your approach and what the rest of the book is about?
  • You interviewed a number of high profile CEO’s, CFO’s and other executives. Can you share some of their insights?
  • What do you find are the key things which motivate people? And in your research were there any little-known things that surprised you concerning what motivates people?
  • Why do you think businesses should stop motivating people and focus on creating an environment where people choose to motivate themselves?
  • What are some ways businesses in general (and/or L&D Professionals) can create an environment where workers motivate themselves?
  • Do you think employers putting pressure on employees is a positive for motivation?

Gavin Freeman is the Director of the Business Olympian. Gavin’s background is diverse as it is unique –He is a fully registered psychologist with experience in both the sporting and corporate world. He has held a Directors position within a large consulting company as well as an internal head of HR. His  14 years of experience in human capital consulting has been with blue-chip Australian and International organisations across numerous industries including banking, construction, mining, telecommunication and government.  Gavin consults to CEO’s, Executives, Managers and  Elite Coaches  delivering a variety of experiential Performance Mastery Workshops, Change Leadership Consulting, Strategic workshop facilitation,  Executive Coaching, and Team Building experiences. As a psychologist his insights bring an understanding of human behaviour, and how to best create a high performing culture.His book, “The Business Olympian” released in June 2008 captures the mental toughness lessons learned from elite athletes and how these skills can be easily transferred into the corporate world. For a free e-copy log onto twitter and search for @busolympian.

Gavin was the team psychologist for the Winter Olympic team in Turrino 2006 and 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games. He was also Team Psychologist for the Olympic Archery Team in Sydney 2000. At the professional level he has worked with a variety of athletes from the best sporting leagues around the world including the NBA, WNBA, and PGA, additionally he was the Psychologist for a Team at the 2003 Rugby World Cup.

He holds a Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Psychology  from University of Western Australia, a Master of Psychology from University of Southern Queensland and his MBA is from Deakin.

He is currently promoting  his second book “Just Stop Motivating ME”  and can usually be heard on one of the business radio and TV shows across Australia .

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