HR Workforce Management Software for Your Business

Managing a workforce is an essential yet complicated task. Managing dozens of people’s schedules can be a hassle, and a few errors in the process can result in incorrect payroll and unsatisfied workers. Not to mention that it can prevent the entire business from thriving. 

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Luckily, HR workforce management software digitizes and automates many of these functions, making life easier and worry-free for employees and employers alike. Read on to learn more.

What is HR workforce management software?

HR workforce management software is a program that offers tools to maximize a company’s overall efficiency and productivity among employees. The software is often an assortment of services and functions that makes matching the right employee with the right task exceptionally seamless. 

These programs give both employers and employees access to everyday business needs such as payroll, time clocks, scheduling, time management tools, and much more.

Key Features

Below are some of the basic useful features offered by HR workforce management software:

Time Tracking

Managers need to know whenever an employee is working overtime. Although it’s usually good that workers are getting extra hours in on a project, that time must be accounted for to provide accurate pay and abide by labor laws. This can get convoluted through miscommunication or an individual not checking their email. 

HR workforce management software can simplify this process by allowing employees to request overtime. Then, their manager will be notified of the request. That way, there are no unnecessary emails, reducing human error and allowing smoother operations.


A common error among HR departments is overstaffing on any given day, causing confusion and delaying overall efficiency. With HR workforce management software, employees can often input their own schedule as well as their preferred shift slots.

This means that schedules can be automatically generated to ensure that employees know exactly when they should report to work. Workforce management software can also facilitate whenever a worker needs to swap shifts.


HR workforce management software can aggregate data from its scheduling and time tracking functions to automatically calculate paychecks among employees. This erases the need for a single HR worker having to toil away for several days trying to calculate everyone’s respective pay.

Not only does this reduce workload and human error, but workforce management software can also calculate taxes and other benefits so that employees are getting compensated fairly for their labor. The system can also ensure compliance with state, local, and federal tax regulations.


All of these unique functions are available for both desktop and mobile devices, which means that employees and employers can check and change pertinent information at any point in the day. If a worker needs to call out for a shift, another employee can easily pick up their shift and have their managers know about the change.

Transform Your Business with Optimal Software

HR workforce management software makes life easier for your HR department while providing plenty of convenient features for your employees. Find the software that best suits your business today.

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