HR is the New Green: How you can turn HR into a Profit Generator

Robert Morlot

Robert Morlot, Executive Vice President, Chief Sales Officer at 10Rule, a new smart cloud technology that can now sustainably replicate your company’s top 10% performers, impacting bottom line results and delivering 200% ROI in months joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Robert Morlot discuss the following:

  • Why should businesses pay attention to Human Capital Performance?
  • What is different about the 10Rule Strategy and Technology?
  • What industry/field does 10Rule Strategy produce the best results for, if any?
  • How does 10Rule differ from other HR software of its kind (cloud based or otherwise)?
  • How does 10Rule’s patented cloud performance capabilities replicate the top 10% performance levels?

10Rule® leads the New HR Workforce Performance Transformation Innovation. 10Rule® provides patented proprietary cloud tools that deliver what CEOs and CFOs want…a high performing culture that sustainably replicate top performers driving greater bottom line results. 10Rule makes what is complex…simple.

10Rule’s cloud based, patented “smart” software suite helps organizations increase workforce performance by sustainably replicating the organization’s top 10% performers – by measuring, benchmarking, hiring and developing their talent for bottom line impact.  It provides HR big Data and predictive analytics for sustainable productivity. The 10Rule Strategy and Cloud Technology suite researched, developed and tested over 20 years in both a clinical practice and a Business Strategy consulting practice across vertical markets and positions from CEO’s to hourly line workers.

10Rule Strategy and Technology


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