How to trading forex on Iq option | A complete guideline

Currently, binary options are more and more gaining the attention of those people who want to have good and stable earnings. Despite the fact that binary options are an excellent method for profit, it is still necessary to exert maximum efforts in order to achieve the desired results.

In today’s market, binary options appeared relatively recently. I would like to draw attention to the fact that the basic principle of trading is the correct choice of an asset and forecasting changes in its price values. If you are a novice trader and you are concerned about the question, the secrets of how to trade on the iq option and what features you need to know. In this case, we recommend reading some of the tips below to help make a successful start. In addition, some of the recommendations below may be useful and already experienced investors.

The main IQ Option tips and secrets for successful trading are listed below.

Attentive analysis and market research

Before you start working with IQ Option trading tips on which we have prepared for you, it is very important to closely monitor the news of the financial markets for weeks, this is especially true for new traders. Such collection of information data and their analysis will help you choose the assets that are most understandable to you by your behavior and the subsequent near-error prediction of changes in their prices.

The right choice of the expiration time of an option

Binary options trading implies that the investor is free to choose at his own discretion the time to create his forecast, it can be either the next hour or a month (or another time period).

When choosing the time to exercise the option, the trader automatically obtains the status of a participant in “short-term trading”, the advantage of which is quick profit. Note that this kind of trading is recommended for novice investors, although it has considerable risks. Nevertheless, it will help to get the first significant income, invaluable experience, as well as develop your financial intuition.

Accuracy in their actions: less is better than more

You need to know that until the seller begins to feel more confident in the binary options market, and also to navigate in all its intricacies (asset behavior) you should not use large sums.

Developing your own right strategy

As a rule, most, new traders with a loss increase their rates, this is done to compensate for the lost profits. However, you should not do so – the best solution would be to increase the rates for winning operations and decrease them if you lose.

IQ Option profitable trading strategies: there are several of the most popular options, which we consider in more detail:

Hedging strategy (hedging)

The main point of the strategy for trading on IQ Option presented to your attention is the effective reduction of losses and reduction of risks. For profit, catch in the “cell” course.

The goal of the strategy is to buy two options looking at each other, and the maximum gap between them is important (the bigger it is, the less likely the course readings will leave the selected corridor).

Scalping strategy

This strategy is based not only on the information displayed on the charts but also on the reaction of the trader. In contrast to the previous strategy, scalping is more used for the so-called “turbo options.”

The main principle – the definition of a sharp increase, the current rate and, accordingly, the game to reduce it, or vice versa – the game to increase with a sharp decline in exchange rate indicators. Please note that this strategy has its own obvious risks, as a result of this it is necessary to pay attention to all the nuances. For example, if the course before the jump was stable, then most likely the strategy will work.

Trend Trading Strategy

The basis of the strategy presented to your attention is a fundamental analysis of the data obtained, because any valuable asset does not live its own life and, accordingly, its indicators change from the influence on it, certain factors, circumstances.

As a rule, the rates of currency pairs vary in direct proportion to the state and relations in which countries reside: economic and political. The value of the company’s equity assets is based on its profit for certain periods or other factors (for example, the publication of financial statements).

In the screenshot below, you can see the graph of the course of certain assets, which after some time have lost significantly in their value. It was during this time period that it was possible to profit from a short run. After turning the course, you can continue the game in the opposite direction – to increase. We draw attention to the fact that it is still better to use this strategy on the so-called “standard” options, while the expiration time should be sufficient.

Rollback trading strategy

As in the previous strategy, this one uses fundamental data analysis. Note that the method of trading on pullbacks combines two effective tools – trend tracking and scalping. In order to get the desired results in the form of profit, it is necessary to see in time the movement of the previously correctly selected asset. As a rule, this strategy is used for trading on “standard” fifteen-minute options.

How to switch from options to forex?

To switch from options to forex and start to trade forex:

in the terminal in the upper left corner, select in the dropdown menu “Forex”;

To enter into transactions on the left side of the terminal, set the value of the bet and the multiplier. The magnitude of the profit depends on the multiplier, but the risk also increases proportionally; after that, all concluded deals are displayed on the chart. Hedging is not prohibited, i.e. you can open multidirectional transactions, they are not summarized and everything will be displayed on the chart;

At the top of the terminal, the total profit is displayed in percent and in the deposit currency. For each transaction, the profit is displayed in percent at the place of its conclusion;

You can close deals either all at once – the corresponding button in the upper right part of the terminal. You can close trades one by one, to do this, click on the profit percentage of the transaction and confirm its closure.

Unlike forex brokers in the terminal from IQ Option, when working on forex, the average price between the bid and ask is used. Bid, Ask price values are displayed in the lower left corner of the terminal.

You can set a stop loss and take profit in order to close the transaction automatically when the price reaches this level. The information is stored on the broker’s side, so the orders will work even if you disconnect the terminal.

The position of SL and is set by over-tightening levels along the vertical ruler, which is displayed on the left side of the terminal.

Keep in mind, working on forex in IQ Option can be very risky, it all depends on which multiplier you choose, profits can go up to 1000% when the price changes by 1%. This feature is not available on all assets.

If options are available on several dozens of assets, then you can work on forex at best on a dozen of assets. But this is a new type of trading for a broker, so that in the future the number of available tools may be increased. If you want to stay up to date with the new updates and features of IQ option we recommend you to read through the review on


The main advantage of trading forex on Iq option – the trader can adjust the ratio of risk and profit. Moreover, thanks to stop-loss and take-profit there is no need to spend a lot of time at the terminal, the transaction closes itself after the price reaches the specified level. So try new opportunities, do not get carried away with risks and forex can begin to bring a steady income.

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