How to Properly Use Whatsapp Business: 5 Best Tips From Professionals

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However, our article will tell you how the developers of the WhatsApp application thought about supporting small and medium businesses, and specifically for them released a standalone app. It would be beneficial that all business support cast know all the whatsapp business features to best take advantage.

WhatsApp Business is a version of the popular messaging app WhatsApp, which works exactly the same way. The app is only available on Android.

The main purpose of this app is to envelop the communications of company employees and customers. Also, WhatsApp Business helps big brands to manage different orders and provides a perfect communication platform for small businesses.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Connect your phone number to your WhatsApp Business account

Once the application is downloaded, you can associate a phone number with it. It is this number that will become the business number used for communications with customers.

It is recommended that you use a number that is not used for the personal use of WhatsApp, but you can still use your personal number if you wish.

2. Set up a company profile

Once the phone number is associated, you can create your company profile on the application by adding a company name and logo.

Be careful when choosing the name, as it is final and cannot be changed later.

3. Have a verified account

To prevent identity theft, WhatsApp has implemented a verification system to certify companies. The verification is materialized by a green badge with a white tick. An unverified business account is identifiable by the gray question mark on its profile.

You must submit a request to WhatsApp Business to obtain this badge, which will assure your customers that you are the company they are looking for.

4. Tag conversations

The application offers companies the ability to organize their messages logically, using tools such as labels. This allows them to easily differentiate conversations with new customers from those of regular customers or orders placed.

5. Talk to customers more easily

Instant messaging is much more welcoming than email. This format allows companies to be much closer to their customers during exchanges. If you can take the time to send personalized messages via WhatsApp, customers will be more likely to respond and take an interest in your services or products.

WhatsApp Business also allows you to use media such as images, videos, or GIFs. These digital communication tools are highly valued and create closeness between the company and its customers.

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