How to Pick the Right Air Ambulance Flight For Yourself or Your Loved Ones

If you haven’t been living under the rock for the last two years, you may be aware of how air ambulances were of great help during the pandemic to move the elderly from one place to another safely. However, this is not the end because our world is aging rapidly, and it’s speculated that 1 in 6 people in the world will be over the age of 65 by 2050.

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Therefore, it’s natural to assume that chronic disease will be more widespread in the future. Furthermore, the sedentary lifestyle because of the pandemic will necessitate innovative health care for many. From bleeding-edge medical advancements to well-equipped medical transport across the continent via an air ambulance, the medical industry has advanced beyond comprehension. 

The patient gets a safe travel experience and continuous care on an air ambulance service because of the latest medical equipment onboard. Notably, air medical services are considered the best for medevac and repatriation. However, there are several air ambulance service providers to choose from.

While it can be challenging to choose one among the many, especially when it involves a lot of money, it’s not impossible. Here are some of the factors to consider before picking an air ambulance.

Check the Air Ambulance Facilities

Air ambulances are considered the lifeline for those who require immediate critical care. According to a report, over 550,000 patients in the US use air ambulance services every year. They are usually outfitted with cutting-edge equipment like ECGs, stretchers, medications, CPR supplies, oxygen, blood, plasma, IV fluids, and more.

Ensure that the air ambulance service you’re picking offers all of the above facilities to cater to the patient’s emergency and non-emergency medical requirements. Additionally, the air ambulance service provider must comply with globally recognized organizations’ safety standards. These include Bureau Veritas, Flight Safety Foundation, TUV SUD, Federal Aviation Administration, and others.

Check the Condition of the Aircraft

The airline sector has no dearth of aircraft ranging from small to large and pressurized to non-pressurized. Therefore, it’s a must to check out which aircraft is being employed by the air ambulance service providers and its most remarkable qualities.

It’s imperative that you use an air ambulance only with a company that uses a weather-friendly and pressurized aircraft. An air ambulance must fly above clouds and be able to maintain sustainable conditions at all times. 

Additionally, ensure that the aircraft cabin is spacious enough for the patient’s comfort. Notably, the Learjet 35 is considered the best aircraft in the medical transport business because of its record for safety and dependability.

Ask About the Qualifications of the Pilot

Once you have ensured that the air ambulance service provider is using a safe and dependable air jet, you must look into who will be flying it. Enquire with the service provider about the pilot and their qualifications as well as track record.

As per the requirements stated by the federal government, it’s a must for a pilot to have at least 1,500 hours of flying experience. However, that’s for a normal pilot, and an air ambulance pilot must have years of experience to gain trust and increase certainty. Also, make sure that a co-pilot accompanies the primary pilot during the commute as they might need to take control during an emergency.

Make Sure That There’s an Experienced Staff

Next up, ensure that the staff on board who will take care of the patient during the flight are experienced. Anyone involved in providing air medical services must be highly qualified to do their job. Whether it’s neonatal, intensive care, emergency, or pediatric, the staff must be well equipped to provide outstanding care to the patient.

While booking an air ambulance, ensure that the staff has popper training in various medical procedures. These include critical care, safety measures, flying physiology, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Since the equipment and staff on board will be tailored as per your requirements, it’s better to ensure that everything and everyone is at the top of their game. 

Ensure that there’s a clear communication

To do their jobs to the best of their capability, the air ambulance staff should have clear and constant communication with the physicians. The patient’s condition can aggravate during an emergency. 

For this reason, there should be good communication between the aircrew and the doctor. If you can afford it, the best step would be to have the doctor on board the air ambulance. In case that’s not possible, have a coordinator on the flight who will keep all concerned members up to date with the patient’s condition at any point in time. 

These are the core checks that you must perform when choosing an air ambulance service. In addition to these, the air ambulance service provider must also assist in getting medical clearance and providing ground transportation to and from the destination as well current location. A little due diligence, and you will be able to experience stress-free air medical transport. 

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