How to manage the sales process across new markets

Mikko Jauhiainen, the Vice President of Sales and a partner with software as a service company Vainu that offers a platform to help salespeople automate the prospecting process joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Mikko Jauhiainen discuss the following:

  • Your company, Vainu, has been able to scale very quickly in a matter of months, going from 0 to more than 100 employees in just a few years. What has been the key to that growth?
  • Recently, Vainu opened its first office in the U.S. in New York City. What lessons have you learned so far?
  • As someone who has spent some time in the software as a service industry working with salespeople, can you shed some light on how salespeople should choose the tools in their own toolkits?
  • Can you talk more about some of the differences you’ve seen in the sales and marketing process here in the U.S. versus Europe and the Nordics?
  • Along those lines, what are some practical tips for writing a pointed sales pitch?

Mikko (MJ) Jauhiainen was one of the first employees of SaaS platform Vainu in 2015. He soon became a partner in the company and is now the VP of Sales, leading a team of employees in the company’s New York office.

MJ has been a consistent driving force within Vainu, a leader in sales as the company expanded offices (it now has four locations across Europe: Helsinki, Amsterdam, Oslo and Stockholm, along with the New York office). Vainu now has more than 100 employees and monthly bookings of more than $1 million, due in large part to the company’s strategic B2B sales system.

Prior to orchestrating sales efforts at Vainu, MJ spent time working at other SaaS startups across the Nordics, managing and directing sales and marketing teams. He earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the Aalto School of Business in Finland and later earned a master’s in marketing from Aalto. MJ lives in New York with his wife.


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