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How to make B2B shopping experience as easy as B2C

Posted: October 4, 2021 at 5:34 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Gil Bar-Lev, Founder and CEO of HomeRoots, that unites wholesale product inventory and retail businesses in one place, making the B2B shopping experience as easy as B2C joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Gil Bar-Lev discuss the following:

  1. HomeRoots makes the B2B shopping experience as easy as B2C. Can you tell us more about how it does this?
  2. Running a small business can be tough. How does HomeRoots help small business owners?
  3. Is HomeRoots an alternative to selling on Amazon or Etsy?
  4. Can you tell us more about how HomeRoots helps furniture and decor retailers?
  5. Where can our listeners learn more about selling furniture and home decor with HomeRoots?

Gil Bar-Lev is a serial entrepreneur who, prior to HomeRoots, built and exited a multimillion-dollar, e-commerce business. He was awarded the winner of the “2013 most innovative Web Store” by Amazon.

Recently, Gil founded HomeRoots, combining his passion for furniture, e-commerce, and technology to disrupt the way selling and buying furnishing is done with a novel wholesale platform. HomeRoots leverages “community buying power” by uniting sellers of furniture, lighting and home décor and retailers and licensed trade in one place, making the B2B shopping experience in this vertical as easy as the B2C shopping experience. HomeRoots helps sellers and buyers increase profit margin and reduce overhead.

Gil began his career as a software developer and moved quickly into senior leadership for the startup he worked for in the early 2000s. Recognized as a technology innovator, he was invited by multiple software development groups and corporations around Europe to train CTO’s and IT managers for best practices on web development.

Gil moved to New Jersey in late 2002 and led a major financial project for Toys-R-Us networking their physical stores around the globe with their headquarters. Witnessing the development of online commerce in real time, Gil was tasked by Toys-R-Us to strategize and lead their technical integration with

Since his departure from Toys-R-Us, Gil launched other online businesses and consulted with various companies in the wholesale, retail, e-commerce and logistics verticals. Gil has BSc in Computer Science from HIT Israel, and MBA in Marketing & Finance from Rutgers University News Jersey. He lives with his wife Dafna, 3 children and their dog in New Jersey.


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