How to maintain balance when you are an entrepreneur

Hylah White, Owner of Hylah White Special Events joins Enterprise Radio. Hylah is a Luxury Wedding and Event Planner, as well as a New-Business Educator. She joing the program to discuss how to maintain balance when you are an entrepreneur.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Hylah White discuss the following:

  • What is your background prior to becoming the Owner of Hylah White Special Events?
  • Why do you feel it is so crucial to create balance when being and/or becoming an entrepreneur?
  • What are some daily rituals to maintain that balance throughout work and home life?
  • What should your main focus be on when trying to maintain a balance when running a business?
  • Prioritizing and being knowledgeable of the importance of tasks is key to living a balanced life. What are some other ways to excel in your field while being an entrepreneur?

With the combination of passion for creativity, business experience, and eye for luxurious design details to create extraordinary events, Hylah White is an industry leader in luxury weddings and events. By pulling inspiration from a love of the beauty and romance that her couples express towards each other, she brings your one-of-a-kind vision into a gorgeous, breathtaking reality.

After acquiring degrees in business management and accounting; Hylah worked at a major accounting firm, as a family law forensic accountant on high profile divorce cases. After 5 years she realized that her heart wasn’t in financial litigation, but in romance and designing fabulous events.

Hylah captivates audiences with her charismatic personality. By embracing her event experience in utilizing her business savvy and finance background, she shares a new and unique perspective on business management and the wedding industry.


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