How to Keep Earning Promotions to Reach the Top

A central characteristic of successful businesspeople is their ambition. Never satisfied in a middle-management position, they continue to strive to prove their worth to their superiors in order to earn promotions towards the top of the tree. 

This article is concerned with how you can translate your ruthless ambition into success, exhibiting all your finest skills to your employer, learning on the job, and earning the right to ask for pay rises and promotions. With time, dedication and the right strategy, all ambitious businesspeople can reach the very top; the advice below is compiled to help you get there.

Lifelong Learning

You should view your education as a lifelong undertaking. Of course your high school, college or university qualifications will get you into corporate positions that pay well and stimulate your intellect, but there are many more skills you can learn on the job.

Many workplaces offer on-the-job training in certain aspects of the job – either in areas of your own role or in areas of others that you might like to move into. It’s important to ask about these educational opportunities wherever they might arise. It’s satisfying, after all, to earn money as you learn.

The other option you’ll be able to explore is learning through an external organization – on a corporate training course like those offered at, which will teach you leadership and organizational skills that’ll prove invaluable in your career.

Assertive Ambition

Fortune favors the brave: you need to make yourself known and assert yourself in your office to get noticed. While diligent work will be rewarded over time, it’s best combined with a forthright, confident attitude that displays that you’re aware of your worth. Be sure not to be seen as too confident, though.

A reliable way of checking if you’re valued by your company is to request a pay raise or promotion. Your justification for this could be your hard work, your experience, or the time you’ve spent working well in your current position. 

Of course, you needn’t stay in your own company to make your way up the ladder. One of the most productive ways to climb in your career is to talk with competitor companies or other businesses that are in need of staff with your skills. They’ll likely offer you a competitive package to change course and join their company instead of waiting around for a promotion. 

Networking and Contacts

Building a thick contact book of people who can help you in your career is the final top tip to achieving success in whatever line of work that you choose. You can do this at all stages of your career, in virtually every corporate or professional environment that you find yourself in.

An impressive new tool for achieving your networking goals is LinkedIn, deemed the social network for working professionals. It’s easy to add people to your network on this platform, and to discuss business ideas with, or opportunities they might be aware of, that’ll help you achieve more in your career.

Your ambition is what guides you in your career, but education, contact-building, and assertiveness will translate it into practical moves up the career ladder – so ensure you’re seizing your opportunities to achieve the success you yearn for.

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