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How to Improve Business Cleaning Practices

A clean business means better productivity and a healthier, safer work environment. You know the value of cleanliness, especially in these times when sanitization is more important than ever, but do you know how to make your business cleaning practices very efficient and cost effective? We will share with you a few things you can do to improve the way you have your business cleaned, whether you run an office, storefront, warehouse, or large business.

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Schedule Cleaning Smartly

Do you have specific times scheduled for cleaners to work in your business or do they just clean whenever they feel like it throughout the day? Are they constantly cleaning? If they do not have set times, they can interfere with workplace productivity, interrupting your workers and hurting your profit margins. Yes, you need a clean business, but you also need to be smart about when building maintenance should take place.

If possible, schedule cleaning to take place when the workday is done, so cleaners are not getting in the way of your workers. You can have them clean before work starts for the day as well, just to start the day off with fresh-smelling offices. Be sure to give your cleaners enough time to clean properly and thoroughly. Don’t limit their allocated cleaning hours too much or they will not be able to finish the work in time. A poor cleaning schedule can lead to an unsanitary environment or poor productivity and efficiency for your cleaners and the rest of your staff.

Use Quality Cleaning Products

What does your budget allow for when it comes to cleaning supplies? Do you spend most of your cleaning budget on paying the workers and not have enough left over to cover the cost of decent supplies? Are your cleaning staff struggling to keep the workspace tidy and to clean efficiently because they are using inferior products? That’s something you want to avoid, and you should talk to your cleaning staff about what their needs are and allocate money in the budget for them to buy the proper supplies, or you can source the supplies yourself and ensure that you are spending the money as efficiently as possible.

It’s not a bad idea to get advice about buying cleaning supplies from other business owners who operate companies similar to yours. Find out how they save money and which supplies work best for them. Without proper research, you can end up spending a lot of money on cheap supplies that wear out quickly and cost you more in the long run. Or you can spend way too much money on very expensive supplies that aren’t right for your business and that aren’t economical. The best option is to take some time to research the best cleaning supplies and spend just as much time planning out the budget for this aspect of your business as every other part.

By purchasing high quality cleaning products, you will save money over the long term, and you won’t need to allocate as much money to cleaning each month. You will have high upfront costs but low overall expenses.

Use Affordable Professionals

Keeping a maintenance crew on your staff isn’t always the best option. It may be more economical to bring in professional cleaning services periodically to keep the workplace tidy suggests Andy of Imagine House Cleaners. That can save you money compared to an on-staff crew, and you can still get similar results. Just be sure to schedule regular cleanings so that the work doesn’t pile up too much and the workplace stays looking great.

Some businesses benefit from having a very small cleaning staff and then complementing them with a professional crew from time to time. The hired service can do the deep cleaning and can help catch everything up to a certain standard, while the on-staff crew can do basic cleaning each day.

You will have to decide what kind of arrangement works best for your budget and your business’ cleaning needs. Many companies don’t even consider hiring a professional service for this kind of work, but it is worth looking into. It could just be the most economical option.

Change Your Cleaning Methods

Do you know what skin of methods your staff uses to clean your business? You will want to be hands-on with this aspect of your business, and don’t just assume that your staff knows how to work efficiently or how to determine what kind of cleaning tasks need to be done. Of course, you want staff who are trustworthy, but you also need to assess how they are working and if changes need to be made. They may know how to keep the place looking tidy, but they also may not consider the bottom line and how their work habits could be affecting your profits.

For instance, your cleaning staff might be deep cleaning too frequently. This uses a lot of manpower, takes a lot of time, and uses up many resources. Deep cleaning may only need to be done once a month or every week. Another example could be the frequency that the workplace is sanitized. If it is not disinfected regularly, you could be hurting workplace productivity and allowing your staff to become ill more than is typical.

Look closely at the methods your cleaning staff is using. See if there might be ways to help them work more efficiently or reduce how often some cleaning tasks are done. There will be a trial and error period when you first start your business, but you can work out some of the problems in time and make your cleaning crew much more efficient just by communicating with them and observing them.

These are a few ways you can make cleaning services in your workplace more efficient. If you are hoping to cut costs, then you need to consider every aspect of your business. Has the maintenance crew been overlooked? It may be time to see where some changes can be made for better productivity across the board.

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