How To Find Your Perfect Cabo San Lucas Villa Rental

Cabo San Lucas is unquestionably one of the most beautiful vacation destinations. Perched on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula, it is a stunning place to visit whether you are there for nature, the food, the nightlife, or simply to escape from the stresses of the world. The most common way to vacation in Cabo San Lucas is to rent a house or villa. This allows the freedom to have your own vacation without worrying about the crowds or noise of a hotel. However, trying to find the ideal Cabo San Lucas villa rentals can be a daunting and stressful experience. Here are some tips to avoid that stress and make the most of your vacation.

Prioritize What You Want

One of the common traps which people fall into when searching for the perfect vacation rental is not to prioritize what they want. There are innumerable different features available in the vacation rentals of San Lucas, and sometimes you have to decide what works best for your needs and budget. For some people, location is the only factor. Being as close to the Playa del Amor (Lover’s Beach) or El Arco (A famous natural bridge formation) may be a crucial factor in your search. However, the location is not the only factor to consider. Many rentals have pools, bars, media centers, and even game rooms. Of course, all of these positives affect the price. Thus, it is key to spend money on the factors which mean the most to you.

A helpful method of organizing these variables is simply making a list. By writing out three columns such as “must-have”, “preferred”, and “indifferent” features, you can avoid being overwhelmed or unduly influenced by the advertisements and feature lists for the Cabo San Lucas rentals.

It is also important to remember that transportation is plentiful in Cabo San Lucas. Getting anywhere in the village is a simple and cheap matter of hailing a taxi or pedicab. Thus, if you plan to spend most of your time out in the town exploring, or lounging on the beach, then choosing a non-oceanfront property may end up being the most efficient use of your vacation dollars. Conversely, if you intend to spend most of your time at your rental property and enjoying the sites over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, then it might make sense to put those dollars towards finding the perfect ocean-front view.

Trust the Reviews, Not the Photos

When researching Cabo San Lucas villa rentals, it is extremely important to be cognizant of when, and how, the photos were taken. Most realtors and rental agencies in Cabo San Lucas are extremely trustworthy, and so this is often not a concern. However, the photos posted on rental websites can often be older or taken from angles that flatter a space. Carefully reading the reviews is an excellent way to double-check the validity of the listings. If the photos look pristine, but several reviews mention that the furniture is worn-out or outdated, then it is possible the photos may have been taken some time ago.

Reviews are also a great way to assess the features of a house. As previously mentioned, Cabo San Lucas villa rentals are available with almost any feature you can possibly imagine. However, if you are paying a premium for a pool on your property, a modern entertainment system, or a professional chef’s kitchen, then it is important to verify in the reviews that these features are present, presentable, and functional.

Reviews don’t just review the property – they review the area. Many renters are extremely thorough and detail-oriented in their reviews. Because of this, the review section of a listing website can be a fantastic place to find more about the area. From local favorite bars to great restaurants, or tourist destinations that you might not otherwise have found, reading reviews is an ideal method of finding the pulse and secrets of an area.

Focus on Quality, Not Just on Size

Many of the vacation rentals in Cabo San Lucas are fairly small properties. However, this is certainly not a bad thing. If you are traveling with a large group, then, of course, it might be necessary to pursue a larger villa. But if you are traveling as a couple or a small family, you can often maximize your money by focusing on smaller but well-equipped properties. Remember, you are here for vacation, not for the rest of your life! Thus, what you look for in a permanent home (closet space, spare bedrooms, storage) are not the same things to look for in a vacation rental. In the end, you only need room for a suitcase, a good book, and a cold beer. So focus on the features, not on the square footage.

It’s Okay to Bargain

One of the larger differences between renting a property in Mexico is that it is acceptable to bargain. If you are used to “the price you see is the price you pay”, this can often be a surprising difference. But your vacation dollars are valuable, so it is important to maximize them. Once you have narrowed down your search to a small number of properties, start making some phone calls. By calling an agency and expressing an interest in a property for rent, you can often negotiate down to a better deal. Try to have a list of several properties from several agencies. Telling an agent “well, your property looks nice but I am also considering this property from another place” can put a polite but effective amount of pressure on them and incentivize them to make you a deal.

Plan Ahead and Choose Your Own Adventure

It is exciting and fun to be spontaneous when traveling, but a little planning can also go a long way towards making the most of your vacation. One factor in this equation is that, while most buildings will have WiFi, cell reception and internet access can be harder to come by in Mexico. Thus, doing some research ahead of time and creating a list of interesting restaurants, bars, or other activities can help streamline and de-stress your time away. This is another time where making a multi-tiered list can be hugely beneficial in making sense of the information. When looking at local attractions before you head on your trip, make categories of “must-see”, “looks interesting”, or “should probably avoid.” This way, when it comes time to plan out your day or find a place to grab a bite to eat, you will already and a list of ideas and options in front of you.

Ask Your Questions – The Agents are There to Help

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The agents working at the rental companies are experienced professionals and they will do what they can to ensure that you make the most out of your vacation. If you have a question about an area or are having trouble choosing the perfect house, just ask them. A simple phone call can save you hours of frustration and research, and the rental companies will often be able to suggest ideas you did not even consider.

Relax. That’s the Goal

Above all, when choosing your rental villa remember to relax. The point of a vacation is to have fun, and worrying too much can negate that. In Cabo, you really cannot go wrong. So find a place, pack a bottle of sunscreen, and have the time of your life.

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