How to Enjoy Your Favorite Music from YouTube on Your Devices


Artie Kost a devoted marketer and a lifelong music fan who represents FLVTO, allowing you to convert video and audio to MP3 online joins the eMusician Podcast Show.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Artie Kost discuss the following:

  • How does Flvto work?
  • How does your YouTube downloader differ from others?
  • What platforms is it available on?  Can it be used on a PC?
  • Can Flvto be used on smartphones and tablets?
  • How much does Flvto cost?

Duration: 5:35

Artie Kost is a devoted marketer and a lifelong music fan. Having worked with FLVTO team for several years, he has contributed a lot to positioning and communication strategy of the service. Reaching out to users becomes easier when you are just one of them. You can also visit for an alternate option, if you are looking for a great YouTube video downloader.



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