How to Enhance Your Bathroom Fitting Business

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Whether you’re running a private enterprise as a sole contractor, or you lead a business with several employees, bathroom fitting is a profitable and much sought-after service. With hundreds of consumers deciding to refit their bathrooms every day, your business has the potential to turn a tidy profit each year, while plotting a course for healthy and sustained growth into the future. To do this, though, you need to ensure your business is modelled efficiently and dynamically from the get-go. 

The following article will introduce you to some areas in which you can improve upon your bathroom fitting business this year in order to maximize profits for 2020 and beyond.

Financial Modeling

When you’re running a business, everything comes down to your bottom line. If you’re failing to boost your profits each quarter, all your hard work in fitting bathrooms across your locality will ultimately go unrewarded, leading your business to shrink and fold. As such, you need to focus your energies on modelling your finances – now, and into the future. 

Peer into your financial data, using spreadsheets and free-to-use-apps, to see where you’re able to optimize your expenditure, and up prices, to lead you to higher profit margins in the future.

New Technology

Many bathroom fitting businesses run in the family; as such, they’re decades old, using years-old equipment to fit new tiles, baths, mirrors, sinks and basins in bathrooms across the country. While the narrative behind an older business wins out with consumers, using inefficient and ineffective technologies to complete your work won’t win you any friends in a competitive industry. 

Instead, you need to always strive to find the best new technology to incorporate into your enterprise. Look to modern plastic welding kits, for instance, to help your staff fix new plastic elements in bathrooms with increased ease when they’re out on the job.

Supplier Relationships

When you’re fitting bathrooms, you’re using materials and products that have been brought in by your client. You’re rarely providing the aesthetic materials, though you may be arriving at job sites with the buts and the bolts to get things done. 

One lucrative revenue stream, therefore, might be to partner with a supplier or bathroom wholesaler, in order to upsell and distribute bathroom products to your customers directly, taking a portion of the profits for yourself. Reach out, as a business leader, to local wholesalers and retailers in order to scope the potential for a deal or contract

Logistical Planning

As many contractors and builders are all too aware, the most inefficient part of the job is ultimately the time spent waiting for parts, materials, and other tradesmen to complete their work. This wasted time accrues into hundreds of hours of wasted labor and wasted wages over the span of a year in business. In order to counter this wasted labor, you need to find ways to plan your business in a logistically sound manner – whether that means chasing external stakeholders, ordering parts as early as possible, or rerouting your workers to high-priority jobs each week.

These four tips should all help you to evolve your bathroom fitting business, making it fit-for-purpose and increasingly profitable over time.

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