How to edit a video in ToolRocket VidClipper

How to edit a video in VidClipper for free

Have you taken short video clips after traveling or taking part in a friend’s party? Would you like to edit your videos for better effects? If you are still looking for a video editing tool? Stop! Today I will show you how to edit a video in VidClipper Video Editor easily and free.

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VidClipper Video Editor, as you know, is video editing software on PC that is developed by ToolRocket studio. As an easy but professional video editor, you can edit videos with plentiful powerful, and effective functions. It helps you make a video from photos, videos, and music with transitions, filters, overlays, special text effects, animations, rotate video, cut and merge video, crop video size, adjust video brightness/contrast/hue/saturation, etc. Now download and install the software on your PC and start editing your video.

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After opening the software, select a video aspect ratio from 16:9, 9:16, and 4:3. Then you can see local sources on the interface. Click “Import”, and select a video file on the hard drive of your computer, in order to load it into the VidClipper. At the same time, you can have a preview of the video by clicking the “Play” button. Only after you drag the video file into the video track, you are able to edit it.

Crop video size

In the preview window, you can see a yellow frame. Drag every corner or the center point, you can adjust the screen ratio, so as to crop the video size.

Add mosaic

Click the “Mosaic” button above the video track. Then click “Add” > “Add Mosaic” or “Add dewatermark Area”, at the same time drag the area. Finally, confirm “OK” to add mosaic to the expected area.

Cut video length

Drag the indicator at the video track with scissors. Double click it, then the video will be divided into two clips. And you can delete one that you don’t need anymore.

Record audio

Click on the “Record”. An audio recorder comes up right away and records your voice as audio material.

Basic video editing features

Click on the “Edit” button. There you can adjust the video speed from 0.1x to 5x, edit the audio volume, fade in and fade out, sound effect, denoise.

Add text to videos

On the left side, you can see more powerful video editing features. Click “Text”. Here you can choose a text effect and edit the text as a subtitle.


There are 60 different video filters are available for you. Choose one favorite to make your video picture unique and full of story.


If the filter makes your video colorful, the overlay can decorate your video in a more amazing way.


For more than one video clip, it is very appropriate to add transitions among videos, which makes your video continuous and excellent.


Want to add a stick to your video. The animation library fulfills your dream. There are a lot of still and dynamic animations.


The background music makes your video rhythmic. Choose one music effect from the library, and drag it to the audio track. If you have audio recordings, you can also use those.

So, what do you think of the video editing functions of VidClipper Video Editor? If you want to export your edited video, click at the top on “Export”. Then you can set an output format from MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, MOV, GIF, the video definition, and output directory. Finally, click on the “Export” button.

Do you know how to edit a video with VidClipper? As video editing freeware ToolRocket VidClipper is very attractive. Want to make a birthday video, a wedding video, a traveling vblog, just take VidClipper into use.

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