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How to develop and write an analytic essay

Posted: December 28, 2020 at 7:51 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Writing an analytic essay is a way to express your thoughts on several things such as a work of art, tech, literature or even a movie. In many ways it is not so different from  a descriptive essay.

The writer aims to provide in-depth analysis on a subject matter along with explanation in order to expand the reader’s knowledge. This type of essay takes a closer look at something and explains in detail what you see.

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Instead of summarising, an analytical essay takes a narrower view  at specific components of  something larger, like the theme of a book, why that writer chose to use that theme, and how it impacts the reader.

In this article we are going to offer some essay writing help and disclose some tips on how to write an A-grade analytic essay.

Create an outline

When writing any essay you need to have an outline, a map on how you are going to go about your essay.

Define the main objective of your analysis, know the word limit, how many paragraphs you intend to use and the type of structure you intend to use. It also helps to know your audience and tailor your essay accordingly.

Choose a topic

Choosing the right topic is usually the first step to writing a great essay. In some cases a topic will be assigned to you, but if that is not the case, then it is advisable to pick a topic you understand and can easily elaborate on. 

Before choosing your topic do some research. This makes sure you have enough  information to back your desired topic. Be careful not to pick a topic with a narrow scope or else you will find it very difficult to present points or evidence.

Introduce your thesis

The first few paragraphs are usually your introduction. Here you introduce the topic to the reader, what the essay aims to achieve and how it can enlighten the reader. Also embedded within the introduction is your thesis, which is perhaps the most important part of your introduction.

Your thesis in this essay moves away from the  general introduction and gets right to the specific topic and your stance on the subject matter. Your thesis should give the reader what to expect during the course of the essay.

Put together the body 

After introducing your essay, create essay paragraphs  that house individual points. Each of these points should have the sole purpose of supporting your thesis. And each point should be solidly  backed by relevant information and evidence collected from various sources. Getting essay writing help is easy, there are numerous sources of information available to choose from. 

The number of paragraphs in the essay body will depend on the word count given. Each body paragraph should have a topic sentence that introduces the point of that paragraph and connects it to the thesis.

Remember that the purpose of this essay is to provide analysis of a subject matter. So make sure to elaborate using every evidence and information at your disposal. Your information must be relevant, avoid beating around the bush.

Create a balance between voicing your opinion and writing in an unprejudiced manner. Providing analysis should be factual and not based on belief or assumption.

You can make your essay even better by airing opposing views. Dedicate a paragraph or  two to expressing these views to your audience while also taking time to rebut them with additional evidence, thereby making your case stronger.

Summarize your essay

After laying out your essay you need to conclude it with  a good summary that recaps all previously mentioned points. Remind the audience of the important arguments, while avoiding the introduction of new evidence. 

Take your analysis beyond what is simply stated in your essay. What is the significance of the analysis and how can it be furthered. Does it affect society and if yes how so. Leave the audience with something to ponder on. 

Now you are ready to write an analytic essay, make sure to practice the steps above until you get it right. If for some reason you still have difficulty make sure to get essay writing help from experts, colleagues, friends or instructors.

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