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How to Create a Project Calendar and Improve Team Efficiency?

Posted: March 27, 2023 at 10:56 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

This article will discuss simplifying the business process, including teamwork management, control system, and CRM using the project calendar. We’ll consider two project calendar options and discuss their advantages.

The project calendar lives in your diary when you work alone or with a small team. When the team gets bigger, you don’t get off easy. The faster the project and the team grow, the more factors need clear planning. To collect all the team tasks in one space, mark and control deadlines, and you need a project calendar in one project management system such as Planfix CRM software

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What Is a Project Calendar?

First, it helps to organize the work on the project, including staff management. It displays the main tasks, which are broken down into specific stages of the project. At each stage, there are responsible for the implementation. Such work will help you look at your project from above.

What Is the Project Calendar for?

It is needed when your team works on one thing and does not switch between different projects during the day. For example, you run a branding agency. You are developing branding for a construction company: marketers are responsible for the concept, designers for visualization, interns for presentation layout, and marketers for communication with the customer. All this can be broken down into stages, where the final goal will be the approval of the order and sale.

The main plus is that if there is difficulty meeting the deadline, you can quickly track at what stage in the project there is a plug.

Each project participant sees at what stage his colleague is. For example, if a designer understands that while marketers are formulating a concept, he has 2-3 days to help another team and make mockups for them. When designers turn on after marketers, they understand that they have 2-3 days to formulate the main theses and take on other tasks. This organization of work processes helps to meet deadlines and keep the level of transparency very high.

What Kind of Calendars are There?

Let’s describe two main types of calendars for your task management system.

The easiest: online calendar

Conveniently, you can break the stages of work on a project into tasks and subtasks. For example, there is a stage of work on the company’s branding. Within this phase, small steps need to be taken, for which several people may be responsible. It turns out that the main task remains in front of the eyes as a marker that the manager can focus on, and employees set tasks within it. 

Each task has settings. The creator can:

  1. Prepare a detailed description of the task.
  2. Add video meeting in Skype/Zoom.
  3. Set a deadline and make the task recurring.
  4. Add responsible for the task.
  5. Set up notifications.
  6. Visibility of the task.
  7. Access to the task.

Task management and kanban boards

Kanban boards are a visual workflow management method for one person, a team, and even an entire company.

How to arrange work in kanban. The same principle applies here – we break the process into stages and prescribe tasks for each stage.

High transparency in project management will help you reduce the barriers to team productivity. In addition, switching between boards and tasks will help your team organize all the work in one space – no additional services for managing subtasks.

Explore services, and choose a solution that suits your team and does not complicate workflows.

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