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How to Choose the Right Scrub for Your Body Type

Posted: October 10, 2022 at 4:14 pm / by / comments (0)

When it comes to selecting a scrub suit, the options are endless. There are many options to choose from that you’re left questioning which you should get. Why are scrubs important? What are the benefits of choosing the right scrubs for your body type? What scrubs style is best for your body type?You’ll have to choose according to your body type to get the right fit, as one style doesn’t fit all.

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This article will provide a guide on how to choose the right pair of body scrubs for each body type. Moreover, it will discuss the benefits of choosing the perfect pair of body scrubs.

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Scrub Suits for Different Body Shapes

Medical scrubs must follow all uniform policies. They should also fit comfortably and correctly. It would be best if you choose based on your body type to get the right fit.

The Pear Body Shape

You have a pear body shape if your upper body is smaller than your upper body. Your shoulders are narrower than your hips, and you tend to gain most weight below your waist. When buying scrubs, look for a scrub suit with a top that makes your shoulder wider to balance the width of your hips. Tops with embellishments and extra details, like front pockets and collars, are excellent choices. Pair it with wide-leg, flare, straight dark-colored pants.

The Apple Body Shape

You have an apple body shape if the upper half of your body is fuller than your bottom half. Your shoulders are broader than your hips, and you have slender hips and legs. You’re busty and broad-shouldered. You tend to put on weight above the waist.The best fitting scrubs for the apple body shape are V-neck script ops with one pocket and skinny scrub pants. Skinny scrub pants make your legs look longer while drawing attention away from your waist.

The Hourglass Body Shape

You’re an hourglass if your upper and lower body are proportional. Your shoulders and hips are nearly the exact sizes. You have a well-defined waist that’s narrower than your shoulders and hips. You tend to gain weight throughout your body. Scrub tops that flatter this body type include scoop neck tops and mock wraps. To balance the look, wear straight-leg or flare pants.

The Athletic Body Shape

You have an athletic body shape, also known as a rectangular body shape if your shoulders, waist, and hips are almost the same size. You have slim arms and legs. Usually, you gain weight in your stomach and bottom. Tops with extra details, such as pockets and zippers, look great with this body shape. It’s good to pair it with either jogger, flared, or cargo pants. You can also layer cardigans or jackets over your scrubs.

Why You Should Choose Right-Fitting Scrubs

You don’t have to choose either comfort or style when choosing a scrub suit. Finding the right scrub suit for your body shape will make you feel good and look great.

Should Scrub Fit Loose or Tight?

For best fit, a scrub suit must be loose enough to allow movement and tight enough to look professional. A scrub suit that’s loose or too tight can get in the way when you’re doing your job. That means finding the perfect fit that flatters your figure is a must. The best choice is the one that fits your body shape and size.

Should I Size Up or Down for Scrubs?

You’ll want a pair of scrubs that are a little loose so you can move comfortably in them. You’re looking for something that’s form-fitting yet still allows mobility.

Still, for unisex scrubs, the general rule is that women should order one size from what they usually wear.


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