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How to Choose an After Hours Answering Service

Posted: April 17, 2021 at 10:42 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

For your business to operate even when you are not on the premises, you need an effective medium to communicate with your customers. Without one, you will leave potential clients going to your competitors who attend to them even when work hours are over. In your search for a suitable after-hours answering machine, you will find various companies offering them, but you need to consider some factors, such as the following. 

1) Company Experience 

Going to newly opened firms to seek products and services may end up in disappointments. They most likely do not have the experience of what works and what does not. Therefore, when looking for an effective after-hours call answering service, go for a provider who has experience in the industry for a long time. 

You can find one on that will offer you a system that answers phone calls after business hours are over. An experienced company knows the importance of 24/7/365 availability as you will never miss a client’s phone call. You also get professional customer support staff to offer the answering service, so your customers get the best response at all times.

2)  Easy To Use

The service provider should ensure the answering machine is easy to use for any buyer. You do not want to settle for a device that will give you a hard time making script changes or updating your on-call schedule. An answering service should be to make work easier for you and not to complicate it.

You can find out if an answering service is suitable by watching live demos or take advantage of a free trial period. If it is not user-friendly, you can always move to the next service provider.

3) Works 24/7

It is not only after business hours that you should answer your customers. Sometimes you may be too busy in the office to attend to phone calls. Therefore, you need an answering service that will answer your customers anytime you cannot answer a phone or after business hours. 

Having an answering service that is available 24/7 is perfect for your business. It means whether it is at night, a weekend, or a holiday your business is always open. It would help if you also considered answering services that will offer your company 24/7 live support without charging you an extra cost.

4) Text Responses

Not every customer will want to call. They may want to text instead. The answering service you opt for should be able to respond to texts too. The answering machine can identify common questions that your clients are likely to ask, and it will offer an answer.

The questions may be about the business location, operating hours, products, and services. You can add or remove the questions and modify the answers so that your customers get a satisfactory response. 

5) Have Your Customer In Mind

As much as an answering service is crucial to your business, it needs to meet customer expectations. A harsh tone from the answering machine is enough to send away a potential customer. Some customers may not like listening to the answering device and may prefer to text.

Therefore, before settling for an answering service, consider your customers’ needs first, for they are the sole reason you are going through all the trouble to ensure they get satisfied.

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