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How to Build a Successful Affiliate Business in 2018

Posted: May 17, 2018 at 11:01 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Let’s say you’ve just decided to start your own affiliate marketing business. What are the things to consider? How much do you actually know about affiliate marketing? Which of the latest affiliate marketing-related predictions should you pay attention to? If you’d like to stay on top of your business niche, then spare a few minutes to get more info on how to build a successful affiliate business in 2018. Ready?

Domination of Video and Augmented Reality

The time has come to take a look at the numero uno of the expected key trends in affiliate marketing for 2018 which is video and augmented reality. As you’ve probably noticed by now, out of all content on the Web it is video that has the most powerful impact on users. 

As for augmented reality, it was laid low for a while since its launch back in 2016 but now it seems like technology is ready to see the AR triumphal return.       

The Importance of EPC   

EPC or Earnings Per Click is a metric used to indicate the average earnings per one hundred clicks sent by affiliates to a merchant’s website. It is already a very popular payment method across affiliate networks and the predictions say it’s only going to grow more.

There are several advantages of EPC including a deep insight into the business relationship between affiliates and advertisers, as well as information regarding what is done right and what could be improved. For that reason, those of you with plans related to affiliate marketing may want to consider adopting EPC as a payment model.      

Redirection of Affiliate Networks

Google and Facebook have been trying to decrease the power of affiliate marketing but so far it has endured. The number of affiliate networks is constantly growing and one of the reasons hides behind the rising number of Chinese networks.

“The greater the need, the higher the competition” is the line that could sum up the current condition in online affiliate marketing space. Keep in mind that adequate targeting and sticking to your niche would be the best options for you to keep existing and attract new customers to your business in 2018. 

What are the most competitive and lucrative niches?

So, what is affiliate marketing in the first place? The concept of affiliate marketing allows you, the affiliate, to earn a commission based on products and services you sell or promote on your website for companies or individuals.

That said, knowing which niches are high-competitive might give you a clue about where you could start your affiliate marketing career. Top niches include health affiliate programs, hobby-related businesses, romance and dating, and a super popular wealth niche which covers casino affiliate programs, gambling, lottery, Forex, multi-level marketing and much more.           

eCommerce is on Fire

As time goes by, we are able to witness the enormous influence huge eCommerce sites have on our shopping behavior. People are getting more comfortable with buying and selling stuff online than ever before. In addition to that, the number of available payment options is growing by the minute.

This all leads to further expansion of eCommerce which will also bring more diverse marketing and at the same time a more important role of affiliate marketing in the world of eCommerce.  

Rise of Voice Search

How much do you know about Google Home or Amazon Alexa? Have you tried it already? Google Home is a brand of smart speakers that enables users to speak voice commands, while Amazon Alexa is an intelligent virtual assistant and a cloud-based voice service.

These two have been stunningly popular throughout 2017 which clearly shows there’s a big opportunity for their future use. Given the predictions of general move towards voice search, affiliate marketers will have to adapt and start focusing more on voice search. The sooner they do it the better for them.

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