How to Boost Cybersecurity Awareness at Your Company

As a leader in an organization, you’ve probably seen how mounting cybersecurity attacks like ransomware threats are hurting businesses worldwide, often halting operations permanently. You probably also know that hackers are infecting organizations through employee activities, and staff are usually oblivious about best digital safety practices. That’s why you understand the urgency of boosting cybersecurity awareness at your company. Here are some tips that could make your task easier:

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Keep Up with The Latest News

Keeping up with the latest information about cybersecurity threats is essential in a world where malware threats are evolving. For example, did you know that paying an extortionist the money after a ransomware attack isn’t always the best option because some malware strains destroy data permanently? Likewise, do you know about the latest Trojans that can steal customer information?

Follow the latest news by visiting technology websites like Wired, ZDNet, VentureBeat, and DarkReading. Likewise, download the best cybersecurity podcast episodes, and listen to them on your way to work to learn more about ransomware, spyware, Trojans, viruses, and worms that hackers deploy.

Consult a Cybersecurity Team

A top cybersecurity team can train your staff to manage malware attack vectors like phishing emails, smishing, vishing, pretexting, and other social engineering attacks. They can also help upper management understand how whaling attacks work and how such scams can defraud your company out of millions in a few hours.

A good cybersecurity team can also conduct a forensics analysis and secure vulnerabilities in your systems. For example, they can help protect your RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) ports. As you may know, while useful, RDP is a primary ransomware infection vector. Even the FBI has warned the public about it.

Cybersecurity Courses

You don’t have to break the bank to educate your team about online threats. You can find many free resources on YouTube or government websites that offer free cybersecurity training. Lots of colleges and universities also offer free digital security training for staff. And with governments worldwide getting serious about anti-ransomware measures, you may also find funding to enhance your digital defenses.

Training Exercises

An excellent way to check how prepared your staff are against cybersecurity attacks is to conduct training exercises. The training exercise results can serve as a critical teaching moment. For example, your IT team can send out dummy phishing emails to the company to check how many employees open potentially dangerous attachments, share sensitive information without verification, visit malicious websites, or download problematic software on company computers.

Open Meetings

Staff meetings where employees can openly share opinions, questions, and concerns can strengthen cybersecurity. For example, your staff may bring new concerns to the attention of senior management, like outdated software. As you’re probably aware, outdated or unlicensed software that’s lost support from the manufacturer can have security vulnerabilities for hackers to exploit. By keeping the lines of communication open, you may also learn about incidents in time for remediation.

Companies that don’t take digital risks seriously can pay a significant price down the road. Prioritize cybersecurity by training your staff, involving upper management, hiring professionals, and raising awareness against unseen threats.

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