Jan Jones

How The Best Business Leaders Maximize Their Productivity and Effectiveness

Jan Jones

Jan Jones, President of Jan Jones Worldwide, a speakers bureau specializing in sending business experts to speak at events worldwide joins Enterprise Radio.  Jan spent 10 years as exclusive representative for entrepreneurial visionary, Michael Gerber.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Jan Jones discuss the following:

  • Why did you feel there was a need for a book such as yours titled “The CEO’s Secret Weapon?
  • You interviewed many global business leaders for your book.  What are the top 1 or 2 things they said about their assistants that make them so valuable and how can all business owners benefit from what they told you?
  • You spent 10 years as exclusive representative for small business guru Michael Gerber, author of the perennial best seller “The E-Myth Revisited”.  What’s one important lesson you learned from Michael?
  • In the book, you stress the need for executives to have an assistant with whom they can work as a business partner.  Is this a fairly new idea – the assistant operating as a business partner with the executive?
  • Many small business owners don’t have an assistant.  In fact, many executives – particularly younger executives – don’t have an assistant either.  Are they paying a price for this? What recommendations can you make to them to persuade them they are paying a price in productivity?
  • What are the top 3 characteristics someone should look for in hiring an assistant?
  • Is finding the right assistant really a challenge?  How do you get around that?  How do we start the process of finding an exceptional assistant?
  • How do you get the most out of an assistant? What are some things a business owner can do to work more effectively with an assistant?
  • You give examples of some of the things you and other assistants did for successful, high-powered bosses.  How about small business owners and entrepreneurs?  Can they expect too get such performance from their assistants, even if they are not paying big salaries?
  • What about the trend towards virtual assistants?  Is that a viable option for business owners?
  • How do you see the future of the executive-assistant relationship?

Jan Jones is Founder and President of Jan Jones Worldwide, a bespoke speakers bureau which evolved from her industry experience as executive assistant to personal development icon, Tony Robbins, and ten years as exclusive representative for entrepreneurial visionary, Michael Gerber.  Prior to starting her business, Jan spent almost twenty years as executive assistant to successful businesspeople around the world, including Australian computer industry pioneer, Lionel Singer.  Jan remains a passionate advocate for the executive assistant profession.  She enjoys mentoring assistants and guiding executives on how to get the most out of their relationship with their assistant.

The CEO’s Secret Weapon

Website: www.theceossecretweapon.com

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