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How Does Podcast Hosting Work in 2023?

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The podcasting medium is growing, and starting a corporate podcast is the next big thing. The number of active podcast listeners is rapidly increasing, which explains the massive opportunities that podcasting offers.

Knowing how to record a podcast is one thing. But how does podcast hosting work in 2023? Do you have the answer? Or have you recently started an internal company podcast and are still trying to figure out the medium? 

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Keep reading as we learn all about starting a podcast network in 2023. 

How to start a podcast in 2023

Follow these step-by-step practices to prepare your corporate podcast ideas. 

1. Choose a podcast topic

Have you decided to start a corporate podcast or are you looking for some internal communications podcast ideas for your business? Start with selecting a topic! Podcasting requires some commitment. Ask yourself, would I still be able to talk on this topic even after a hundred episodes? 

You’ve got to plan ahead, or you and your listeners can lose interest halfway, which isn’t great for any brand. Experts on how to make a company internal podcast advise picking a topic you’d happily wake up and record about. 

2.  Pick a good podcast name

One of the first things your listeners will notice is the podcast name. It’s part of the podcasting identity and an integral part of the listeners’ first impression. Picking a name is simple if you already have an established brand. Something like “the brand’s name” + podcast will work. 

Otherwise, you have to check through your list of proposed podcast topics and find a suitable name that encaptures the corporate podcast. 

3. Decide on the podcasting format

Using podcasts in large companies for communications will work well when you decide on the best podcasting format. Common questions determining the best format for recording the internal communications podcast are: How will you host the podcast? Just you? Or will there be a co-host? Would an interview-style work best? 

It’s also great to determine the approximate length of each podcast episode. A defined internal podcast for employees helps them schedule time to listen to newly uploaded series. A final tip about the podcasting format is the frequency of publishing. Again, let your team know when to expect a new internal company podcast.

4. Choose podcast cover art & music 

Whether it’s an internal employee podcast or one for the general public, your podcast cover art represents the brand. It has to be catchy and professional to capture the attention of targeted listeners as they scroll through their podcasting app. 

Therefore, we advise outsourcing the cover art to an expert. You may also consider the choice of podcast music. Adding music isn’t necessary, but having a nice jingle as the intro, outro or background audio helps your branding. More importantly, avoid using copyrighted music unless you have permission.

5. Get quality podcasting equipment & software 

Your choice of podcast equipment determines the quality of your podcast audio and overall production. The demand for excellent internal communications podcast ideas is rising, and poorly recorded content disinterests listeners. 

Start with getting a microphone. You have to invest a little when starting a corporate podcast. Also, consider having a broadcasting room. It doesn’t have to be a studio. A properly set up room devoid of echoes does the magic. 

6. Choose a podcast host

One common mistake observed when teaching people how to record a podcast remotely is the assumption that they will just record the corporate podcast ideas and hit upload to their thousands of targeted listeners. 

That’s not how to launch an internal company podcast! First, you need a hosting platform. A great podcast hosting service should offer a smooth listener experience, budget-friendly subscriptions, a fine web player interface and accurate analytics. 

A few podcast applications out there meet one or two of those criteria. But why settle for less when you can have all? Here, we recommend the Podbean hosting platform. 

1. Record & edit the podcast 

Now that you have a podcast hosting site and the draft of your internal communications podcast, the next question is: How to make a company internal podcast?

We know you might feel some pressure, and that’s perfectly normal. Accept that there will be little mistakes – some awkward pauses or misconstrued sentences. But just hit record and continue even when you make mistakes. That’s where editing comes in. 

More importantly, you record the podcast in a conversational tone. Don’t read it like a script.

One quick tip here: it’s always best to record about three to five episodes at the start. Having some unreleased corporate podcast ideas keeps you ahead of uploading schedules. 

2. Upload the podcasts

Congratulations, you’ve successfully recorded that internal employee podcast. What’s next? Uploading and promoting it to your listeners, of course. Starting a corporate podcast idea can be daunting at first. You wonder if any errors are left after editing or if it’s good enough.

However, the best way to start is to get started. Upload the internal company podcast to your hosting platform. A good hosting service should have a simplified layout for podcast episodes. It should also have embedded media player links for your website. 

3. Announce the launch of the new podcasts 

Depending on the target audience, there are different ways to get your corporate podcast ideas to your listeners. For private podcasting series, consider using email to announce launching the internal podcast for employees. 

Encourage them to leave a comment and consider social media channels for the promotion of general podcast series. 

Additional tips on how podcasting works 

Let’s discuss other recommended methods for using podcasts in large companies for communications. 

  • Have a podcast landing page: while some podcast hosting platforms like Podbean offer a podcasting page, it’s also advisable you get a simple professional website.
  • Get podcast transcription: It’s an excellent podcast idea when you think of how it improves visibility on search engines. Again, some hosting websites like Podbean provide paid transcription services.


We hope you enjoyed this guide on how podcast hosting works. It contains the different steps of making a podcast for your business. If you were also looking for how to launch an internal company podcast, this article would also help.

Follow the recommended steps, but note that this article is only a guide; you can tweak the process to suit your company.

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