How Busy Business Owners Can Seek Personal Assistance for a Well-Managed Life

Stress is a problem for business owners, as many believe they should work harder while often neglecting their needs. It’s safe to say business owners’ work-life balance could use some prioritization.

The corporate world is constantly evolving — new technologies require quick adaptation, while remote work has altered the business landscape for good. Inflation, information overload and lagging production have also placed undue pressure on managers.

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It’s easy to put oneself on the backburner — sometimes, achieving business goals demands more of our time and effort. However, business leaders should seek personal assistance to avoid losing steam. Here are five helpful tips for living a well-managed life while leading a company.

1. Utilizing Virtual Assistants

According to expert-led NanoGlobals — a resource network for companies to leverage and hire remote workforces — there was a 41% increase in hiring virtual assistants in 2020. While companies can hire hourly contractors, many outsource virtual assistants from other countries.

Virtual assistants can take over the following responsibilities to free up your time:

  • Manage email communications
  • Schedule appointments
  • Manage business social media accounts
  • Bookkeeping
  • E-commerce support and management
  • Data entry
  • Proofreading and editing documents
  • Website management

These remote assistants have become increasingly available as more workers have leaned into telecommuting opportunities. Business leaders who hire virtual assistants find them an effective solution for streamlining administrative tasks, workflow and productivity.

2. Hiring Personal Assistants

Personal assistants do many of the same things as virtual assistants. However, they may also take care of personal tasks, including running errands, grocery shopping, pet care or dropping off packages at the post office.

Personal assistants usually work in the office or out of their boss’s home, helping them stay organized and on schedule. They are adept at taking notes, managing calendars, communicating and making travel arrangements. They also handle private correspondence or pay your bills with the utmost confidentiality.

The ideal personal assistant should have excellent listening and communication skills, an upbeat attitude, essential software adeptness and organization skills.

Hiring a personal assistant will take a load off your shoulders. However, you must find someone trustworthy to protect your assets and reputation. Recruiting someone from within your company or working with an agency for a reputable candidate is best. A business owner’s work-life balance is possible when someone else does the mundane tasks for them.

3. Outsourcing Household Tasks

When do you have time to go to the supermarket or drop off clothes for tailoring? Fitting the extras into your jam-packed schedule is a significant source of stress. Fortunately, busy business owners can outsource everyday household tasks to free up extra daily time.

Outsourcing has become much easier thanks to new apps and technology, especially during pandemic lockdowns. Some tasks you can outsource include the following:

  • Grocery pickup and delivery service
  • Meal prep delivery
  • Dry cleaning
  • Automatic pet food and supply delivery
  • Dog walking
  • Housecleaning
  • Donation pickup service
  • Package pickup
  • Landscaping
  • Financial management
  • Home maintenance

You might have a long list of chores and responsibilities you can outsource. Your best option is to jump on those opportunities soon for greater efficiency.

4. Time Management Techniques

Some people are more adept at time management than others. Yet, mastering these skills is crucial for streamlining your workflow and having time to do things you enjoy outside of work.

Start your day with a healthy routine — waking up earlier, exercising, meditating, eating a nutritious breakfast and having a moment to yourself. How you approach your day can make or break your productivity and stress levels.

Strategies for implementing time management into your daily routine include:

  • Delegating tasks to team members.
  • Prioritizing your daily to-do list, beginning with the most critical tasks.
  • Setting boundaries — when asked to do something with a full schedule, a simple “no” must suffice.
  • Keeping a comprehensive, color-coded calendar.
  • Minimizing distractions, including interruptions, phone calls, text messages and other notifications.
  • Avoiding multitasking and work on one task at a time.
  • Limiting meetings — scheduling only one or two weekly will keep everyone more productive.
  • Going over the next day’s schedule and tasks before wrapping up the workday.

Learning time management requires patience as you get used to your new routine. However, starting and ending your day on a positive note is the best way to achieve a well-managed life.

5. Creating Work-Life Balance

Your hobbies and interests may not seem as important as running a business, but business owners must adopt a work-life balance for overall happiness and well-being.

You may have a side project you’ve had little time for, such as writing a book. Make a conscious decision to pursue your personal goals to achieve goals outside of work. When someone invites you to after-hour drinks, decline respectfully and choose your passion project.

Additionally, rather than staying late to finish a project, go home to eat dinner with your family. Whatever you’re working on can wait — quality time with loved ones is more enjoyable.

Practicing self-care is equally important. Take a mental health day to enjoy a massage, catch up with a friend or curl up on your sofa with a good book. You have permission to take a break.

Business Owners’ Work-Life Balance Comes First

Imagine a day you leave the office on time to make it home for dinner or go for a run. Seeking personal assistance helps your business thrive while freeing time for more important matters. Consider what stresses you at work and home — then decide which personal assistance techniques would offer the most relief. A well-managed life is just one less thing to worry about on your to-do list.

Eleanor is editor of Designerly Magazine. Eleanor was the creative director and occasional blog writer at a prominent digital marketing agency before becoming her own boss in 2018. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and dog, Bear.

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