How Bloom Health Partners is helping companies and schools return to work safely

Andrew Morton, the CEO of Bloom Health Partners, an occupational health tech company, helping businesses of all sizes stay safe and operational even through the wildest times joins Enterprise Fit Radio.

Listento hostEric Dye& guests Andrew Morton discuss the following:

  1. What exactly is Bloom Health Partners?
  2. How would you describe the company and the services you provide?
  3. Tell us about the Custom Covid testing programs you have built and how they help companies get safely back to work.
  4. Who are your primary clients both corporate and government (industry)? Why do companies choose Bloom versus traditional health companies?
  5. How has the new wave of pandemic uncertainty brought about by the Omicron variant, discussions around vaccine and testing mandates, an abundance of new home Covid testing options impacted your business?
  6. What does the future of work, school, and entertainment might look like, based on Bloom’s proven track record.
  7. How has the company changed since the launch and onset of covid and how have your resources been scaled to this development – such as the pop modular labs, and across what industries- corporate and education?
  8. Tell us based on your expertise, the overall challenges of a health care system that allowed a company like Bloom to come into existence?

Andrew Morton is a seasoned global technology executive with a track record of successfully building and running innovative companies. Morton was SVP Global Sales for Zodiac Interactive, a private equity held software company focused on advanced software for Tier 1 Cable and Telecom providers. He headed up Broadband TV for Entone where he launched successful operations on multiple continents. Entone was acquired by Amino Communications LON AMO where he served for several years post transaction on the senior executive team, Morton co-launched global operations for Comtrend Corporation, a leader in telecom hardware and software. Earlier in his career, he held growth roles at 3Com and at IBM spinoff company Lexmark.

Bloom Health Partners was born in the midst of the pandemic and has had a huge hand in helping Hollywood productions, theme parks, events, Fortune 500 companies—and now, schools—safely reopen their doors. Bloom helps companies and industries navigate the covid crisis and continue to function by offering flexible Covid-19 testing and advisory solutions.

Their innovation is backed by an impressive management team, board of directors, and advisors with experience in healthcare, public sector, logistics, supply chain, technology, and capital markets, including the Chief Medical Officer at GE, former Secretary of US Dept of Health and one of the world’s foremost specialists in infectious diseases.

Bloom had gone from a B2C drive-thru testing site to a full-service B2B company in a matter of months— with the central goal of democratizing the availability of healthcare in the workplace at a time when communities needed it most.

To date, Bloom has built complex modular PCR laboratories, performed + 250k gold standard PCR lab tests, and created custom covid plans for a wide-range of clients, including PepsiCo, Six Flags (all 22 parks in North America), American Airlines, Amazon Studios, Netflix, Apple Studios, Hess Corporation and others.


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