How Being a Christian Could Help You Excel in the Business World

People often talk about how their Christian faith helps them stay strong through crises or remain upbeat when they get disappointed. Being a Christian could also be useful in business, regardless of your role and aspirations.

It Helps You See Things With a Big-Picture Mindset

During rapidly changing workplace circumstances, it’s easy to panic and think that your career as you know it is about to be forever altered. However, you can quickly return to a better perspective by referring to one of the many biblical stories of people who were dealing with difficult things, kept their faith intact, and got rewarded by the Lord as a result.

The Bible also teaches that Christians have God’s favor and that everything works out according to a higher purpose. If you’re having trouble believing that, just refer to Romans 8:28, which says that God desires good things for his followers.

Alternatively, consider how people often say that God works in mysterious ways. Although there is not a specific verse with that sentiment, many biblical instances detail how God did things that seemed strange at the time and were actually in line with his plan. The point is that even if we think we know how things will turn out, that’s not necessarily true.

If something doesn’t happen as intended when you’re at work, stay as calm as possible and realize you might be in for an unexpected outcome. Also, be aware it’s usually impossible to know how something will get resolved when it first occurs. Even some things that initially seem bad eventually turn into good situations.

It Reminds You How It’s Possible to Make a Big Impact Over a Short Period

There is a pervasive belief in the business sector that only individuals in executive positions make differences in what happens in an organization. Similarly, people think their jobs are nearly meaningless unless they’ve been at a company for a long time and achieved high-ranking roles. However, Jesus Christ’s time on Earth was relatively short. He barely made it through three decades of life before getting crucified.

However, there is no denying that Jesus Christ is one of the most influential people who ever lived. People around the world know His name and missionaries work hard to share the gospel to bring Christian teachings to even the most isolated places.

Be mindful of the life of Jesus whenever you fear you’re not advancing up the corporate ladder fast enough. Remember, too, that Jesus was even memorable when he was traveling with parents and stopped at a temple. All the teachers there were excited that a person so young already possessed a great deal of knowledge.

Whenever you feel you’re not being worthwhile at work, remember these things. People consistently watch the actions of others whether you realize it or not. It’s in your best interest to always behave in upright and admirable ways that reflect the teachings of your faith. Do that, and you’re already benefitting your colleagues.

It Makes You Understand the Value of Positive Habits

Take a moment to think about it and you’ll probably recognize several good habits or ritualistic practices define your Christian life. For example, you may go to church every Sunday, spend 15 minutes in prayer as soon as you wake up every morning, and spend at least an hour a day studying the Bible.

Those activities bring order to your life. Like many Christians, you may also believe that by doing them, you’re directly pleasing God. Many faith-related practices also make it easier to apply biblical principles to your life. One reason for that is because there are so many thoughtful and relevant resources at your disposal.

The Way International is one example of a worthy organization. It publishes The Way Magazine twice a month. That publication includes online and print-based content that teaches you how to apply your faith to things you face every day. It also brings context to Bible verses that might have previously seemed confusing.

It shouldn’t be hard to figure out how the repetitive things you do for your faith could also carry over into the way you conduct yourself at work. For example, you might make a point of cleaning your desk every week to keep clutter at bay or decide you’ll get to work a few minutes early and spend the extra time getting yourself mentally composed for the day. Also, a biblical studies associate degree hold a lot of value. 

Besides the advantages already covered here, don’t forget that visibly living out your Christian faith in the workplace could create simple opportunities to witness to others. The Bible says that Christians should live in ways that make non-Christians wonder what’s different about them. Someone who works across the hall might say, “How is it that you always seem so composed no matter what’s going on in this crazy place?” That question lays the foundation for explaining your faith in greater detail. Keep these things in mind and look forward to becoming a stronger Christian while at work.

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