How Automation Can Put Your Email Marketing On The Fast Track To Success

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When talking about email marketing automation, there is a lot more than saving time. While 93% of B2B marketers rely on email marketing as their primary channel for distributing content, 53% of B2B organizations are using automation. Automation is now more of a business requirement as it plays a pivotal role in allowing you to focus on strategic decision making rather than sending messages manually. You can now send emails to particular contacts at a pre-decided rate and timing based on their preferences. Here, we will understand how automation plays an essential role in putting email marketing on the fast track to success. Have a look at this list of its top 8 benefits in the below sections.

Top 8 Ways Email Marketing Automation Boosts Your Success Rate

Here, we are mentioning 8 ways in which automation reinforces your email campaigns. They are selected to suit broad audiences and are relevant to businesses of all types and sizes. Dive in deeper to explore some of the best advantages of automating:

#1: Increases Transaction Rate, Streamlines Lead Nurturing Through Personalization and Segmentation

The two major areas where automation ups the game is segmentation and personalization. Segmented campaigns have resulted in a 760% increase in revenue. Also, segmented and personalized messages rope in 58% of the revenue. Thus, the transaction rate is improved due to these two factors and it also helps streamline lead nurturing. You can reach out to your one-time customers or website visitors and convert them into subscribers easily. Sending them a welcome mail increases your revenue by 320% as compared to promo emails. Personalization can enhance your lead nurturing strategy as it produces 6x higher transaction rates. Subscribers find your messages relevant, non-intimidating, and conversational as your staff gets more time to refine the lead nurturing plan. 

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#2: Supports Effective Audience Segmentation Through Faster Turnaround Time

With the manual method, a lot of time is wasted in targeting various sections of lead pool, delivery, analysis, and follow-ups. As a result, marketers lose valuable opportunities to segment audiences in real-time as they cannot analyze customer preferences promptly. Email marketing automation fast tracks the turnaround time and thus, you get more opportunities for segmentation right at the beginning of your campaigns. 

#3 Boosts Your Revenue With Transactional Emails

The emails prompted due to a customer activity are known as transactional emails. These activities “trigger” a response that improves the customer journey and helps them associate better with the brands. This includes welcome emails, cart abandonment and retargeting messages, offers, loyalty programs, rewards announcements, and event-based correspondence. Transactional messages get 8x more opens while bringing in 6x more revenue as compared to bulk emails. Achieving the same agility and volume manually is neither feasible nor sustainable. 

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#4: Helps Scale And Sync Up With The Customer Journey

Customer journey is the most crucial aspect of any campaign and being responsive to it is imperative to survival in today’s consumer-centric market. Email marketing automation enables unprecedented scalability as you can send a relevant email to your subscribers for every action. All of these messages are tailored to suit their expectations and strengthen your relationship. Syncing with the customer journey not only brings revenue but it also helps in establishing trust by providing timely assistance. For instance, if your customer regularly orders grocery supplies every alternate week, you can send them offer details one day before the due date. Such efforts help build long term relationships.

#5: Incentivizes Fast Engagement With Drip Campaigns

Fast engagement is a direct product of personalized conversations and mapping lead maturity. Automation allows you to send messages triggered by the last action taken and add a personalized offer, discount coupon, loyalty benefits scheme/ coupon, exclusive benefits for a limited period. Rewarding engagement is possible through drip campaigns as it aids in decision making and keeps your leads warm throughout the journey. Incentivizing fast engagement helps increase open rates by 80% and CTR by 300%. Clubbing automated responses with segmentation takes your success to new horizons as segmented emails receive 100.95% more clicks. Automated responses ensure that no client goes unattended and everyone gets adequate support for making prompt decisions. Here’s a good example of an email template for sending a coupon from Fitbit:

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#6: Enables Advanced Testing For Personalization

Optimizing your campaign is a continuous process and testing plays a substantial role in the process. Many modern tools provide you with an opportunity to test your content before you pour in your full-fledged efforts. A/B Split Testing your email templates is a great way to personalize your copy as per your lead pool and warm it effectively. Personalization is also aided by learning about the preferences through various metrics and as you test more, data extrapolation is refined. Thus, advanced testing gives you insights on various metrics like CTR, open rates, spamming rates, unsubscribe rates, conversion, and overall engagement rate. Hence, you can tweak your copies consistently to suit your audiences. Netflix is known for its tailored content personalization and you can use similar HTML email templates like this one from them for recommending your products/ services:

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#7: Tracking And Analysis For Recalibrating Efforts

Keeping an eye on the above-mentioned metrics for the entire campaign is an exhaustive process if not automated. The results for the same campaign may differ geography-wise, based on the age groups and other customer demographics. Automated tracking enables getting insights from the myriad of data and gives easy to understand analytical reports. For any marketer, data-driven decision making is a top priority as it is the only way to ensure maximum results for their marketing campaigns.

#8: Helps Sync Sales And Marketing Efforts

Sales and marketing teams work in close coordination but doing so is not an easy feat. Aligning both their efforts faces many process-based bottlenecks. The sales teams are focused on bringing in revenue and hardly understand the technicalities of the campaigns. On the other end, marketing teams are focused on creating content while their work needs tremendous inputs from implementation data. Therefore, leveraging email marketing automation aids in syncing their efforts while consistently improving campaign effectiveness. As 66% of the customers are influenced by marketing messages, fine-tuning both of these departments is a great benefit of automated workflows.

Tips To Further Improve Your Results

Apart from using email marketing automation, you can follow these tips to get the best from your efforts:

  • Optimize your emails for mobile users.
  • Never skip suppression lists.
  • Use proper reply-to addresses with real email signatures.
  • Use online reviews. 88% of the people trust them.

Wrapping Up

In simple words, automation helps you send the right email message at the right time to the right person’s inbox. As a marketer, it brushes a lot of burden off your shoulders while you can spend more time creating, analyzing, and optimizing strategies. Your creatives too, get more time for creating copies as they have adequate insights regarding what is expected. We have covered most of the benefits and a few tips here along with statistic-backed data for your perusal. I hope that you find this article useful in harnessing the capabilities of email marketing automation for fast-tracking your way to success. 

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