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How Artificial Intelligence will affect the American workforce

Posted: June 2, 2017 at 9:28 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Patrick Taylor

Patrick Taylor, CEO of Oversight Systems, an Atlanta based software company that provides solutions that automate compliance for disbursement related business processes such as Accounts Payable, Travel and Expense and Purchase Card programs again joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Patrick Taylor discuss the following:

  • In your latest op-ed called “robots are coming into the work force now” & how this is becoming the new normal and we better be ready for this. Can you talk about that and what you mean to our listeners.
  • You mention that artificial intelligence will have a real impact on our lives in the workforce and outside of it – and the change can be positive if we feel comfortable with it. I know in our society today its always about embracing change. Talk about that and the role AI plays into the future.
  • When it comes to artificial intelligence, is America behind the curve compared to other countries and the rest of the world? How will artificial intelligence effect the American workforce now and in the future?
  • How has artificial intelligence affected your business?
  • Can you give us an example of how you helped one of your clients with the use of artificial intelligence?
  • Tell us about Oversight Systems and how you help companies and organizations and where they can find you.

Oversight Systems CEO Patrick Taylor

Patrick Taylor is an authority in the convergence of business analytics, information security and the implementation of technology to boost organizational performance. Patrick recognized that most IT-security and financial-system controls focus on user access and role management, but don’t address how to convert ERP, CRM and other financial transaction resources into plain-language, actionable insights. After speaking with executives from across the country, Patrick launched Oversight Systems to pioneer the concepts and technology for continuous transaction analytics.

As a thought leader in predictive business analytics, Patrick has spoken at a wide variety of conferences. He has held leading positions at Internet Security Systems (ISS) and Symantec as well as ORACLE, Red Brick Systems, GO, Air2Web and Fast-Talk. Patrick has a bachelor of mechanical engineering degree with honors from the Georgia Institute of Technology and an MBA from the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration.

Oversight Systems

Oversight Systems is an Atlanta based software company founded in 2003. We provide solutions that automate compliance for disbursement related business processes such as Accounts Payable, Travel and Expense and Purchase Card programs. Our solutions are delivered in a Software-as-a-Service model where we host, support, and manage the application on your behalf. Our solutions leverage pre-built analytics that take into account over 13 years of best practices experience we have developed working with global commercial organizations and government agencies.

Oversight Systems


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