How a Nitrogen Generator Can Benefit Your Business

Worldwide nitrogen gas is used for different packaging and manufacturing applications. It is used as an alternative to carbon dioxide in breweries, for laser cutting by metal manufacturers, light bulb manufacture, and packaging and preservation processes in food manufacturing. The offsite delivery of nitrogen for business has proven expensive and hazardous hence why many opt to have their nitrogen on-site. The following are the benefits of having a nitrogen generator for a business.

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Cost Efficiency

Nitrogen generators require very little apart from the initial investment cost, while cylinders, canisters, liquid methods, and dewars come with expensive delivery and delivery fees that include restrictive contracts. In addition, there is the added risk of the gas being lost in transit, further inconveniencing the operations of the business. It is believed that companies with nitrogen generator systems see a return on their investment within two years. Generators cost about 10 percent of the price of canisters, cylinders, liquid methods, and dewars per year after the business recoups its initial investment.

Improved Safety

The nitrogen gas must be converted back into its liquid state at -320 degrees Fahrenheit so that it can be transported to a business. There is the added risk when unloading a liquid at this temperature in case of spills and leaks that can lead to injuries or death. A company greatly reduces this risk by generating and storing its nitrogen gas on site.

Reduces Downtime and Supply Issues

The major setbacks in outsourcing nitrogen gas are the delays, closings, shortages, and delivery company deadlines. When a business generates its nitrogen gas, it always knows the capacity in hand and how much gas it can generate on a specific day. Waiting times associated with deliveries are eliminated in addition to cutting down on time wasted every year in order, waiting on deliveries, and cataloging.

Friendly on the Environment

The conversion of nitrogen gas into liquid for transportation is not only dangerous, but it consumes too much energy. Most of the uses of nitrogen are in gas form, so converting it to liquid then again to gas is a waste of resources and negatively impacts the environment by polluting the air when transporting it. Having on-site nitrogen reduces a company’s carbon footprint in a cost-efficient manner.


Nitrogen gas is used by some industries that are located in very remote areas. It is not practical to have liquid nitrogen transported to these areas due to safety issues and the time consumed to do so. Industries such as offshore drilling, pharmaceutical companies, and chemical manufacturing greatly benefit from on-site nitrogen production. Also, apart from the constant supply for these industries, they can adjust their levels of purity depending on its application.

Industries that need a constant supply of nitrogen in their daily operations should therefore invest in on-site nitrogen production. These generators are safe, friendly to the environment, conserve time, cost-efficient, and can fit in hard-to-reach locations. Therefore, a business can grow to new heights without the hassles of dealing with nitrogen delivery.

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