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Here’s How Drug Addiction Can Affect Your Loved Ones

Posted: March 23, 2018 at 11:29 am / by / comments (0)

Drug addiction has a detrimental effect not only on a person’s health but on the interpersonal relationships, both romantic and professional ones. Some addicts realize the destructive influence of their habit and want to get rid of it in order to save their relationships. However, most drug addicts don’t even try to battle their addiction, condemning their nearest and dearest to all sufferings associated with the life of an addict. Our friends from know everything about family and relationships, that’s why they were kind enough to help us with this article.

Financial burden

How does drug addiction affect the family? The first question that comes to mind is how much does a rehab cost. If one partner has a problem with drugs, the other partner has to be the leader in a relationship and take on all responsibilities. Drug addicts are often unemployed or work from time to time. Even if they have a steady job, drug addiction is not a cheap “hobby”, so a big part of their income will be wasted on drugs. It’s not a rare case when a drug addict steals money from a family budget or commits a crime to get money for drugs. Of course, commiting crimes can get anyone in trouble, which is why if you’re arrested on drug crimes, it’s imperative that you can speak to a defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Constant stress and fear

Due to his emotional instability, an addict’s behavior can be completely unpredictable. He can be happy and exalted in the morning and sullen and irritable in the evening. These changes are poorly tolerated by the surrounding people. Friends and colleagues begin to avoid his company. This is how addiction affects family and friends. His family suffers most – they have to put up with his tantrums and even physical abuse. Growing up in such family, children are constantly under huge stress that affects their psychic.

The feeling of shame

Addict’s nearest and dearest have to minimize their social contacts. Being unemployed, evading family duties, throwing scenes in public – all this creates a negative background for the whole family. No wonder, addict’s family feel shame at his behavior. They often resort to lying to keep their good reputation.

Problems with communication

In terms of how drug addiction affects relationships with a partner, the answer is obvious – it poisons the relationship. Since a partner addicted to drugs is a hostage to his addiction, it plays the main role in his life. His partner is never in priority. Usually, an addict doesn’t want to admit that he has that addiction. Any attempt to convince him that he’s ruining himself leads to a conflict. The stronger the addiction, the harder it is to talk to the addict. Usually, addicts resort to the conscious lie.

Growing frustration and resentment

Slowly but surely, the feeling of frustration begin to overwhelm addict’s nearest and dearest – this is how addiction affects family and friends. Irrespective of who it is – a spouse or a romantic partner cohabiting with a drug addict, or a parent observing how their child is wasting his life – this person begins to harbor resentment and disdain.


Prolonged frustration and irritation, the feeling of rejection – all this turns the object of love into the object of hatred. At a certain point, a person realizes that the relationship with an addict cannot be repaired. Many people decide to end this toxic relationship because the burden is too heavy.

An addict must admit his problem, take a responsibility for the harm he made to his loved ones and do his best to make up for it. This is what they do at the rehabs like Drug addiction Atlanta; making the patients realize! Very often, professional help is necessary to overcome addiction. No one can make an addict quit his addiction.It should be his inner sincere desire to rehabilitate both physically and morally. Recovering from addiction requires a two-step process, but there are many rehab facilities as mentioned earlier and also like DesertHope Treatmentto learn more about the various comprehensive treatment plans available.

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