Helping Bodegas and Small Retailers Thrive and Survive with NRS Plus

Elie Y. Katz the President & CEO of National Retail Solutions (NRS) that operates the leading point-of-sale (POS) terminal-based platform and NRS Pay credit card processing for independent retailers and bodega owners nationwide joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Elie Y. Katz discuss the following:

  1. Tell me first your role at National Retail Solutions and a bit about the company and who you serve?
  2. You recently launched a program for your clients (Bodegas and small retailers) to help them with increased Bodega Crime, tell us about that feature and what makes it special and helpful to your clients?
  3. Why do you think Bodegas are such target for crime and how do you hope this will help them?
  4. What other services do you offer small businesses to help them succeed?
  5. What else do you want to share about about NRS and helping small business succeed and where can people find you.

Elie Y. Katz is president & CEO of National Retail Solutions (NRS). Seven years ago, he brought his many years of experience as an executive at various companies, in diverse industries, plus strong leadership, interpersonal and organizational skills, to found National Retail Solutions (NRS). Elie is additionally currently Deputy Mayor of Teaneck, NJ, having served previously as Mayor. He also manages real estate properties (commercial, mixed use and land) and food establishments (thirteen food businesses, including bakeries, restaurants, and take-out).

Elie possesses a keen business savvy, with an understanding of the value of investment, generation of revenue and business growth leadership from creation and acquisition, through exit. National Retail Solutions, a subsidiary of IDT (NYSE: IDT), is a provider of a point of sale network and credit card processing ecosystem which services close to 17,000 independent retailers across the US. 

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